A financial sales company does political landscaping

It has still not come out from whom dr. Kohl got his illegal party donations. Kohl got his illegal party donations. His close friend and party colleague dr. Reinfried pohl, however, one of the richest men in the republic, has a rough heart for the conservative party as well as its liberal coalition favorites. A look at the company, on the one hand, and the federal government’s reluctance to. Consumer protection on the other hand leaves a stale taste and is strikingly reminiscent of berlusconia.

Cabbage the gang

A reference from germany’s largest financial sales organization with 37.000 employees, germany’s largest financial sales organization "deutsche vermogensberatung ag" (dvag) to the cdu is unmistakable: the advisory board includes helmut kohl himself, his former right-hand man horst teltschick (long-time organizer of the munich security conference), kohl’s successor as minister president of the palatinate a.D. Bernhard vogel, and hesse’s minister president a.D. Walter wallmann the honor. Another advisory board position is filled by the conservative dieter stolte, who as former director of zdf put diether hildebrandt on the air and prevented political cabaret on the mainz station during the ara kohl.

Every year again: banking crisis

European banking authority placed banca carige in receivership, resolution could cost italy dearly

Just 18 months ago, italy went to the rescue – against resolution guidelines – of crash bank monte dei paschi di siena (msr). After the country’s third-largest bank, banca carige, the country’s tenth-largest bank, is now in serious trouble and has been placed in receivership by the european central bank (ecb).

This is not surprising, since even in the unstressful bank stress tests, in which no bank can actually fail, carige has recently been identified as a "failing" noticed. That’s something, since previously the stress tests had not even reported banks as failing, which were rescued shortly afterwards with billions in taxpayers’ money.

The russian ministry of media calls for an internet portal dedicated to the russian language, showing that the days of language standardization are finally over

Anyone who has ever studied russian knows that it is a difficult language. A language in which every name, and even every single digit in the case of high numbers, has to be deciphered is not easy, even for native speakers. Correct reading and writing, that is the meaning of the russian word "gramota" and under this web address you can find since november 2000 the internet portal "russky yasyk" (eng.Russian language) which offers information about the russian language.

Was established "russkiy yasyk" with the support of the russian ministry of media and on the recommendation of the russian commission for the russian language in mass media. This year the language portal was awarded the prize for education and science of the russian internet academy. Gramota.Ru is visited by an average of 300 users a day. That doesn’t look like much, but it’s not bad by russian standards. As the russian minister of communications and information technology leonid reiman pointed out last december at the russian business day in frankfurt. Reported, only about 2.5 million of about 147 million russians were connected to the network in 2000. Telephone density has also only reached a rate of 21.9 percent.

The cinema of the world is emancipating itself from hollywood. Finally

To say it right up front: i already can’t see al pacino’s blond dachshund eyes anymore. And i also avoid anthony hopkins wherever possible. But: as soon as i turn on the tv, who is standing in front of me again?? Dustin hoffman, tom cruise, meryl streep, demi moore. The whole hollywood movie set. When an american car glides across the screen, i go "click". Of course it doesn’t help.

I have seen every movie with johnny depp, with matt damon, with leonardo di caprio – without even wanting to. Every movie with bruce willis, tom hanks, john travolta, george clooney. Mel gibson or robert redford i already recognize from behind from behind, if the remote control sticks to them for only a fraction of a second. Robert de niro anyway.

Service robots as helpers in need

Even outside the factory, human work is being joined by machine work

At the end of march 2016, i wanted to reward myself after a lecture on animal-friendly robot cars. I walked over to the stanford shopping mall, past evergreen trees and squirrels climbing around. Before tiffany co. Stood a security robot. He looked almost as elegant as audrey hepburn in front of the jeweler’s window in new york. I turned to him, but he was silent. Later i learned that he can see, hear and smell. Talking is not his thing. It rolls around and reports suspicious things to a control center, which sends human security personnel in case of doubt. This has not completely lost its job. It is available on call.

During a visit to a company in bern in the same year, i encountered a transport robot. It was accompanied by two employees, who put it in its place with voice commands. He was not very communicative either. I was allowed to open his flap, under which you can stow packets, and make further investigations. Then he moved on, like a little, fat, lazy dog. One day they wanted to use it to deliver the mail in the cities, supervised only from a distance. I did not think this was a good idea. Not so much because letter carriers would lose their jobs – of which there were still enough. Rather, because mail carriers would stumble over it. And because it was too slow.

The court ordered the repayment, the music industry clings to the decision of the socialist government to regulate the ie now by law

In spain, a high fee is charged for the purchase of blank cds or dvds at the time of purchase. This is illegal, a court has now ruled, partly because there is no legal provision for it. A private agreement is no basis for this. The supporters of the fee are now clinging to a draft for a new copyright law, with which the fee is to be legally regulated. But this could prove to be a boomerang. The government’s draft also falls far short of the ideas of the authors’ associations to impose a levy on all data carriers, even dsl connections. The opposition is demanding the abolition of the fee, and its bill has already successfully passed the lower house of parliament. Spain is also falling further behind in information technology.

"I order you to reimburse the plaintiff one euro and 72 cents." this was the verdict of the judge in alcala de henares (madrid), who last week ordered the company batch pc to return the sum to a programmer at the university of alcala de henares.

Screwed by the employment office

A security loophole makes it possible to offer arbitrary job offers seemingly under the umbrella of the employment office

At the moment, some curious job offers eagerly forwarded by e-mail are causing astonishment. From state-certified district pollinator with regular night employment to the maserati parker in the fubganger zone to the spammer or brothel manager or even as the lowest level of the failed law student with a failed second state exam, who is supposed to make coffee in a law firm for room and board and put warning letters into their envelopes, the employment agency suddenly seems to have the strangest job advertisements in its database.

Brexit: waiting for the fish compromise

In the past, advent was also a time of fasting, which is why fish is still served on christmas eve in some catholic areas today. Photo: kgbo. License: cc by-sa 4.0

In the uk, the press ames that france closed the armelkanal not only for fear of the british corona mutation

Although the eu parliament announced that the time for the ratification of an agreement to be concluded from 1. The negotiations on a trade agreement between the eu and the uk, which is due to take effect on 1 january, are now too close for comfort, but negotiations on such a treaty are continuing. It can be applied in advance without ratification. Therefore, the british home secretary priti patel could not accept the offer of the deputy president of the eu parliament katharina barley to extend the transition period on sky news to reject.

Trump's indecisive syria policy

Is image allegedly from baghuz

According to a wsj report, more u.S. Soldiers are to remain in syria after all, but the pentagon was quick to deny this, pointing to "productive" discussions with turkey

The white house cannot speak of consistent planning and decision-making and of a corresponding military and military policy. An example of this is the syria policy. It will be remembered that in mid-december, as a kind of christmas surprise, u.S. President donald trump announced the complete withdrawal from syria, allegedly because the islamic state was now defeated. In doing so, trump had contradicted the pentagon and, in particular, then-defense secretary mattis, which led to the recalcitrant mattis resigning or, as the case may be, being forced to resign. Was fired. At the same time, trump had largely cleansed the white house of people who still hold the remnants of their own opinions against him.

Despite the new procedure for checking the data, the first announcement was hasty and wrong

No sooner had nasa’s near-earth object program announced the supposedly verified possibility of an asteroid coming dangerously close to earth in 2030 and possibly crashing into it, than there was another setback: as usual, the calculations were not accurate, and the information was released to the public too quickly.

Carl hergenrother of the catalina sky survey (css) near tucson, arizona, is "guilt" in the misery. On 3. On november 11, earlier observations of the object 2000 sg344 from the image archives of the css enabled him to calculate more precisely the orbit of the possible asteroid. In the year 2030 there is no danger of a possible collision, because the object will pass the earth in a distance of 5 million kilometers.