Facebook stamps vr glasses oculus go

Facebook stamps VR glasses Oculus Go

Facebook will no longer make the oculus go. Only the remainder of the entry-level vr glasses are sold, shared the company in a blog entry. The oculus go will disappear from the store as soon as the remainder is used up.

Now facebook wants to stard to focus on the more expensive and better equipped oculus quest. In contrast to the oculus go comes the quest with six movement axes (6dof). That’s the future of the vr, writes facebook in the blog entry. Vr headsets that like the oculus go only three movement axes, facebook does not want to build anymore.

If you already have an oculus go or ordered one of the last copies, glasses can continue to use without coarse restrictions. Facebook promises security and software updates with bugfixes up to 2022. New features will no longer get the oculus go. From the 4. December 2020 does not allow new apps or app updates more for the store.

"Small sensation"

The oculus go came in the trade in may 2018. Our site called the oculus go at that time in the test report as "small sensation", because she is completely self-sufficient – so without mobile phone or pc. Meanwhile, such all-in-one headsets are gel. Also facebooks quest works independently of additional hardware. However, the technical quality of the go was a compromise from the beginning due to the lack of positioning tracking in the room in the room. For games the hardware is hardly suitable.

For facebook, the quest is long the most important vr glasses: it is technically strong than the go, also works self-sufficient and can be connected to the pc with a matching cable. In the future, developers should be made easier to uniform their apps for the oculus quest, promises facebook in the blog entry. The official store is strictly curated and has high entry boards. That should stay that way too. However, facebook from 2021 to offer an alternative distribution path, so that interested users who do not have to go the way over the sideload to the apps. Clear details have not revealed facebook yet.

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