Hot and cold

Hot and cold

Stuttgart, 27. August 2015 – there are some problems of which you always think again, they are finally moving into the museum of the early real and today only theoretical problems until they are fresh and cheerful again. This year that was mainly cold behavior. The new ktm 1050 adventure runs cold like a sack nusse. With a cat in it. To this elsewhere. And the lasting tester honda vfr 800 ran so strangely from the beginning, that i asked for safety’s sake, if something was seriously broken.

Grinding from the underground car park

Under 4000 rpm, the v4 delivers so little useful torque that it on the ramp from the underground car park or the ramp parts stucco mountain of my strain itself in the 1. Gang threatens to go. Around the 4000 he then voubles over a fearable hurde and supplies with a stroke of use torque in the cold normal range. So i drive in the first through the 30-zone here and the basement ramp with grinding clutch. The honda has not damaged so far, but i am also very sure that this can not have all vfrs in this dependence, because otherwise the shouts are gross. So i have borrowed the continuous tester of the motorcycle magazine mon with me around the corner, the honda crossrunner. There, honda moved practically the same engine in a fashionably slightly high-heeled chassis. Result: the mo tester has the same problems with the cold, though less pronounced.

I returned to the topic of cold when it rained cold again in the eifel and the ol of wins vfr on the highway remained permanently under operating temperature. The vfr still has the more early extinct olkuhler over the radiator for water boiler. The ol is more efficient than the conventional heat exchanger between the ol- and water cycle today, but it lacks the regulation, because mostly there is no thermostat for the olcross. The conventional warm exchanger, on the other hand, is attributable to the control cycle of the water and let his ol initially warm warm, which is warm in the small thermostat cycle immediately.

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