“[Kamala harris] brought 1.500 people jailed for violating marijuana laws ..

The real “opposite of donald trump,” in his words, is “an asian who likes math”. Democratic presidential candidate andrew yang. Image: cnn. Screenshot: tp

– and then laughed when asked if she ever smoked marijuana.” second round of televised debates between democratic presidential contenders

The second round of democratic televised debates, which cnn news network ran in the heavily shrunken rust belt metropolis of detroit (cf. Life after the impact of the fiscal neutron bomb), was divided into two groups of ten candidates each. In the first group, in which the candidates currently in second and third place in the polls, elizabeth warren and bernie sanders, met, little of note happened in the night from tuesday to wednesday (apart from the fact that the now 77-year-old sanders is increasingly showing his age).

This may have been one of the reasons why the ratings for last night’s discussion of the second group were unexpectedly poor. In doing so, this group offered a little more – especially because it included tulsi gabbard sab, who unexpectedly sharply attacked current media favorite kamala harris by confronting her about her legacy as a prosecutor:

She [kamala harris] brought 1.500 people in jail for violating marijuana laws – and then laughed when asked if she ever smoked marijuana. She withheld evidence that saved an innocent man from execution until she was forced to do so by the courts. She kept people in prison longer than their sentences lasted, using them as cheap labor for the state of california. And she fought to preserve the gauze bail system, which harms poor people in the worst possible way. (tulsi gabbard)

Harris did not deny that, and later came across as remarkably arrogant in a one-on-one interview with cnn anchor anderson cooper, when she said that as an "obvious top group candidate" you have to deal with "bashing" of candidates who are at zero or one "at zero or one percent or wherever it may be" lie. Moreover, gabbard had already spoken with bashar al-assad once and did not sufficiently condemn him (cf. Trump gives pentagon 30 days to submit plan to fight is). Therefore, she does not take the attack very seriously and will "just carry on".

Biden portrays himself as an iraq war opponent and gets auberations from 2003 held against him

However, with her attack against harris, the anti-war senator once again managed to become the most googled participant during the televised debate (cf. First televised debate on the us presidential election: spanish answers and technical glitches). This time even in all us states. After she sued google for refraining from blocking her campaign account again, this time it could also pay off financially for her (cf. Tulsi gabbard sues google for 50 million dollars). This would also be important for her campaign, because the applicants have to show 130.000 donors to participate in the next televised debate in september.

Prior to the debate, most google users had searched for poll leader joseph biden. The cnn moderators also asked him the most questions, which contributed to him having by far the longest speech, 21 minutes and 21 seconds. Whether this was of any use to him is another question. Some of the rhetoric of the candidate, who does not always seem up to date, was dissected on social media during the debate. Including his account that he was actually against the iraq war.

Yang speaks of the similarity of the selection process to a casting show

After biden, harris got the most speaking time with 17 minutes and 43 seconds. She was followed by cory booker with 12 minutes and 52 seconds and kirsten gillibrand with 11 minutes and 13 seconds. Tulsi gabbard, jay inslee, julian castro, michael bennett and bill de blasio each got about 10 minutes from the moderators. Bringing up the rear was basic income advocate andrew yang, at 8 minutes and 34 seconds.

With his closing statement, the basic income advocate nevertheless made more of an impression on many viewers than many of his competitors, because he addressed the similarity of the selection process to a casting show, thereby raising the debate a little to a meta-level. He also challenged the audience to work out his plans for themselves, saying that he was the real "opposite of donald trump" is "an asian who likes math".

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