Opel works council: no secret plan for vacancies

According to the contested short-time work at opel, according to the works council, there is no targets to delete each third place in the long term. "That’s just nonsense, a duck," said the chairman of the opel works council, wolfgang scherer-klug, the news agency dpa. "In addition, we contracted, the operational rates expect until the end of 2014 and negotiate at the time with gm and opel over a deflection by 2016," he explained and demonstrated a report of picture newspaper. Ig metal district manager and opel supervisory board member armin schild requested an end to speculation and emphasized, the occupational protection has top prioritat.

The newspaper reported on saturday, citing an anonymous insider from a secret strategy of the us parent company general motors, which provide the degradation of 30 percent of the bodies. The applicable work organization could be killed under circumstances with the reference to a threatening insolvency, it is called. The leaf also quoted the supervisory board at opel, stephen girsky, with the words, there is no such secret strategy. The structures at opel had to be smeared, he emphasizes. He also refers to the applicable to 2014 and the negotiations on a deflection of guarantees until 2016. All necessary maws to return to age strong again, "we make in close coordination with the ig metall and the works council".

Opel had announced on thursday to send thousands of employees to the short-time work from september. The crisis car manufacturer reacts to the weak paragraph. Affected are the sites russelsheim, kaiserslautern and eisenach. In the bochum opel plant, short-time work is currently not an ie because of the high demand for the zafira tourer. For ig metal district manager shield, which is also a member of the opel-sichertrat, is the agreed short-time work no sign for a permanent reduction of jobs in the crisis car manufacturer. Short-time work at opel is – as in many other companies, a consequence of the crisis in europe, which had led to a massive rude purchase force. Opel is no case.

Like others largely limited to the european market, the sovereign debt crisis is currently burdening the russelsheimer currently. In western europe, the opel paragraph incurred by almost 15 percent in the first half of the year, the overall market lost only 6.3 percent. The expensive overcapacity rubbing a deep hole in the balance sheet: the us parent company general motors wrote an operational loss of $ 361 million (294 million euros) in the second quarter (294 million euros) after 256 million dollars at the beginning of the year.

On the 1. September, the previous vw manager michael lohscheller (43) is appointed as the new cfo and opel / vauxhall vice-prassident finances. He lost the 50-year financial boss mark n. James. Lohscheller is currently a financial board at the volkswagen group of america. New executive board for research and development should be michael ableson (50), which has been at gm for decades. The supervisory board will meet on thursday, said an opel spokesman on sunday and thus confirmed a report of the magazine focus.

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