Ride impression: jaguar xe sv project 8

Ride impression: jaguar xe sv project 8

When jaguar announced to develop the fastest limousine in the world, one was allowed to take note of this in munchen, stuttgart-unterturkheim and ingolstadt with a certain serenity. When it turned out that the car, which wanted to attack the mercedes amg c63s, the audi rs4 and the bmw m3s, should be based on the jaguar xe, the mood was allowed to illuminated. Finally, the british middle class sedan is not just as a ballot to agility.

The sacrificed mood must have found an end as the jaguar xe sv project 8 is a time of 7.21,23 has reached on the nordschleife of nurburgring. "Our goal was first to beat the bmw m4 gts. When that was achieved, we wanted to make the p8 just as fast as possible, "paid jaguar technician phil talboys. Simply pack the funfliter v8 compressor motor (441 kw / 600 hp at 6500 / min and a torque of 700 nm between 3500 and 5000 / min) under the bonnet and a powerful spoiler on the rear – so it is not done, because with straight bolt is not wins a flowerpot in europe.


The chassis gets as well as play-free double querlin connectivity of the steering knuckles via ball joints (so-called "zero-clearance joints") that eliminates unwanted movement. Extremely resilient hybrid wheel bearing with rings made of bearing steel and walzcarders made of silicon nitride. Also ceramic are the front brake discs with 400 mm diameter in front and 396 mm rear. The front brake caliper works with six brake flasks, yet the brake system reduces the unsprung masses by 18 kg and thus contributes significantly to good land liability. The body can be manually lowered by 15 millimeters.

The differential at the rear axle gets an electronically controlled differential brake with blocking function. In order for the control because of the thermal stress due to the friction in your lamella pack does not have to back up your performance at some point, it is olgekuhlt. "We wanted to maintain the performance of the car on a long period of time and not just for a round," says phil talboys.

Already after the first curves falls on: the jaguar is perfectly balanced in hand, each command is being implemented exactly. The steering is much more accurate than that of the series xe and gives sufficiently jerking. In the track mode, which, among other among other things, generate front splitter and rear spoiler to maximum output, we took the tricky left-right combination. The dynamic ackord consisting of targeting, breadening, lens and accelerating works smoothly, almost playfully, the at least 1745 kilograms of heavy jaguar will be used in the second part of the section portion. The eight-stage transducer automatic meets almost always the right translation, for record times you have to switch on manually.

Nearly 1.8 tons can not be laminated

Load change reactions? Horseback of the tail? Both failure. The michelin sport cup 2 tires (305 rear and 265 fronts on 20 inch rims) seem – once warm – toothed with the asphalt. The rear-fueled four-wheel drive allows the front axle only traction when it makes sense. Otherwise, the front previews remain relieved and can build up full side carrying. The agility of the 4.71 meter long limousine is impressive, even if the whole technique can not quite laminate the nearly 1.8 tons of weight. After 3.7 seconds xe reaches 100 km / h and speeds up to 322 km / h. Nominally, the car begs with eleven liters per 100 kilometers.

The 300 copies of jaguar xe sv project 8 will be assembled by hand at jaguar special vehicle operations because the vehicles are too wide for the normal assembly line in the parent plant. Some aerodynamic parts and air ducts surprise the silhouette of the production vehicle just too far. The front car also had to be recycled by 1.4 centimeters.

A few copies of the limited special edition of 300 pieces – all with left-hand drive – should still be original. Jaguar sells her to a stucco of at least 182.000 euro.

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