Alternating current

Munchen / hamburg, 13. October 2015 – today a very small but growing group of motorists grab the sun in the tank. "Those who drive an electric car, has often a photovoltaic system on the roof and produces as furs driving your own energy," peter siegert has observed. He is responsible in germany the green mobility at mitsubishi.

The japanese manufacturer has in addition to the electric subcompact ev and the suv outlander as a plug-in hybrid in the program. Demand for these models increases. One of the reasons is the flexibility to get that property owners by the battery in the car. For the first manufacturer in europe, the japanese have released their electric cars for the so-called bi-directional charging. "You can not just tap into the stream and save it, but on request back to the home network zuruckgeben" says siegert.

First steps towards smart grid

At least in the small, the japanese rely on the japanese, which has been preaching the thinkers of the electromobility for years: intelligent networks, so-called "smart grids". Because whenever the electric car is talking about, it is not all alone about the locally emission-free driving to the low level and climate protection. But it is also about buffering and compensating peaks in the power supply, says marcus bollig, who is responsible for bmw for efficient dynamic.

This is all the more important the more energy from renewable sources is used. "Photovoltaic systems do not supply electricity at night, and the wind does not blast even at all times," says bollig. When compensating such performance tips, electric vehicles were able to contribute after his entry: "in germany, we mainly have storage locations for about 38 gigawatt hours," explores the expert. "With two million electric cars we could double this buffer."

While such solutions, according to bollig so far not only failing on the lack of vehicle fleet, but also in intelligent networking fail, mitsubishi starts at least in the small one. For this, the japanese have changed the power electronics in the vehicle and, at the beginning of the year, want to develop a station for the garage together with a partner, through which the electricity can fall in both directions: "so every owner can decide when and where to drive the electricity or feed back to the house net, "exploring press spokesman helmut bauer.

That will be particularly lucrative if the feed-in allocation for solar power is always further decreasing, during the hours of darkness expensive electricity must be bought up. "Many start to expect and prefer to buy a buffer store himself," has observed winners. Because the surcharge is for a plug-in outlander at the same level as a commercial stationary storage memory, it seems to be more and more for the battery car instead of the storage cabinet in the basement, says: "with that you can not go on vacation or go shopping."

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