Artist monument

Artist monument

Abu dhabi (uae), 8. December 2014 – at the geneva motor show 2013, pininfarina honored its long-term boss sergio pininfarina (1926 – 2012) with the study pininfarina sergio. Now the car has gone in series, whereby one should not think about a flicker production. Overall, only six copies are built, all are already sold. The first was now supplied by the sbh royal auto gallery at the yas-marina race course in abu dhabi, where the "ferrari world"-enjoyment park is located.

The collaboration began 60 years ago

Is behind the luxurious vehicle collection, the name already suggests that a member of the family prevailing in abu dhabi. Sheik sultan al-zayed has secured the first of six ferrari sergio, with which the italian brand reminded at the beginning of cooperation with pininfarina 60 years ago. The basis for the extreme roadster forms the 458 spider in special export with 605 hp from a 4.5-liter suction motor. This should range from zero to 100 km / h in a good three seconds.

According to ferrari, the special model should remember the 60s and 70s, as pininfarina designed many cars for the brand. Particularly striking is the low front. A wide black strip on the high of the engine shares the car visually in two halves. Some elements not only look out, but also have a function: so the curved front spoilers should improve the output and in the surgery bullets behind the seats are air intake for gear-solkuhlung.

All six ferrari sergio are built according to individual customer. The abu dhabi specimen has black leather alcantara seats with red ornamental seams as well as a carbon-containing cockpit. Augen sparkle forged light metal wheel in gold optics with diamond finish. For the price, ferrari does not turn out of grates of discretion, but in conversation, around 2.5 million euros per vehicle.

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