Bmw: new digital functions for phev

Bmw: new digital functions for phev

Bmw kundiger on tuesday (25. June 2019) to introduce new digital functions for plug-in hybrid vehicles (phev). From the coming year all phev of the brand bmw seriesmabig should be equipped with the function bmw edrive and the app bmw points.

The bmw edrive program is geared to the case that cities and municipalities declare environmental zones in which only locally free is allowed to go. The vehicle recognizes the zone boundaries due to geo-fencing technology and switches automatically without access to the driver, on purely electrical operating mode. At the exit from the zone, the bmw hybrid vehicle turns back into a combined driving mode of combustion and electric motor.

The app bmw points registers purely electric rides and rewards them with bonus points attributed to the driver. Also for the charge of the battery receives the driver of pramiennezte. The collected points can be changed via the app, for example, in charging current quotas at chargenow. Father is also planned z. B. Free airline at the car-sharing service sharenow or free parking time at parknow or apps at the connected drive store from bmw against the bmw points to exchange.

The group wants to create incentives that riders of plug-in hybrids often often use the electric drive. For a pilot project in rotterdam with the local erasmus university, the bmw has developed and tested these ideas. The aim of the three-month test was to significantly increase the proportion of purely electrical use of plug-in hybrids in the urban area. Central realization was that the participants 50 phev drivers about 90 percent of all routes within the rotterdam edrive zone purely influenced purely electrically when they had the app connected to the vehicle.

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