Bmw threatens eu cartel pit – analysts sink goals

According to cartel rugged against the three coarse manufacturers daimler, bmw and volkswagen in connection with technologies of exhaust gas purification, bmw has reacted first and formed a billion-densely backrest for potential money bubes. The share under prere at the start of trading. In the morning she lost just under 0.5 percent to a good 73 euros.

Bmw had explained friday night on spades, expected to take more than one billion euros because of the cartel proceedings. The ebit margin (earnings before interest and taxes) of the segment automobile is therefore expected to be 1 to 1.5 percentage points under the previous corridor of 6 to 8 percent for the ongoing business year. In the consolidated result before taxes, the company expects a significant rinse compared to the previous year.

Bmw also ordered to defend itself against the premieges with all legal means. There have been no price or territory agreements at the expense of customers or suppliers. According to bmw, the talks with daimler and volkswagen was at the heart of the improvement of technologies for exhaust aftertreatment. "Unlike antitrust agreements, these talks aimed at the industrialized distance known and no, secret legislation ‘had the object, not to the harm of customers or suppliers."

Volkswagen, however, has no money back. According to information of the german press agency from monday (8. April 2019) the preambles are first rafted, only then to be decided on possible reproductions. Daimler does not expect to pay a bush money. "Daimler has recently cooperated with the european commission with the european commission and therefore expects a book money in this matter," was announced on friday.

According to the eu commission, bmw, daimler and volkswagen have made illegal agreements on the technologies of exhaust gas purification. They should have affected scr catalysts for diesel engines and particulate filters for gasoline engines. Companies had brazed the innovation competition in europe and thus denies consumers the possibility of buying less environmentally harmful vehicles – although they have the appropriate technology.

Both daimler and volkswagen had filed the application for bonuses in the past year after the earnings last year. Bmw remained in front of. The crowns in antitrust procedures can hope for the large punishment or even impunity. In most cases, however, up to 10 percent of global annual turnover can be collected.

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