China: daimler threatens fine because of price fixing

Daimler threatens a book money in china for manipulation of prices. The price waxes have found evidence for prohibited agreements with mercedes handlers in jiangsu province. "The case of daimler is a typical monopoly that exploits its dominant position to control the prices for spare parts and maintenance in customer service," said director zhou gao from the price burno of the east chinese province according to the newspaper jinghua shibao from monday. Daimler in beijing shared only with the car maker cooperates in the investigation.

China’s befor the pricing policy of automakers for weeks. First past week, for the first time violated against the anti-monopoly act, penalties were penalties in a high level of 1.6 million yuan (around 195.000 euro) have been detected against bmw handler. A money pit against audi is also expected, as the proceedings against the german-chinese joint venture should be shortly before graduation. Like the prestigious business newspaper 21st century business herald reported, the penalty should be at 250 million yuan, converted 30 million euros, amount.

In the wealthy province of jiangsu, the price buro has been investing against mercedes handler since the beginning of july in suzhou, wuxi and other metropolises, reported the jinghua shibao. The daimler-buro in shanghai as well as a gross handler with headquarters in the northeast chinese port city of dalian had been investigated. It was "evidence found," wrote from the communist people’s newspaper edited sheet.

Daimler did not want to confirm the reproach on the ongoing process, however, as a spokesman in beijing said. In the reports of the newspaper and the official news agency xinhua it was pointed out that the spare parts for a mercedes of the c-class in china more than twists as much as the finished car itself. The state agency also quoted a handler, "all prices in customer service are determined by daimler".

China’s state media already throw automakers for a long prize trainer. Compared to the us and europe, prices in china are partly significantly high. There should be investigations against more than 1000 car companies, handlers and suppliers. In the sights, however, the competitive helps have dominated the upper class market, the german provider such as audi, bmw and daimler dominate.

Audi and his chinese partner first automotive works (faw) had already stated that in the handlernsnetz in the province of hubei, partially clearing against the anti-monopoly law. Because of the investigation and threatened punishments, which can make up one percent of sales, the fear is fearing in the industry. Audi, daimler, bmw, jaguar land rover, chrysler, toyota and honda have already been awarded for spare parts for spare parts.

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