China’s digital supervision goes against drive service mediators didi

China's digital supervision goes against drive service mediators Didi

The chinese driving service mediator didi chuxing has fallen shortly after his boron in new york in the visor of chinese supervision. The beijing cyberspace supervisory board ordered the release of the didi app from chinese app stores on sunday. At a study "serious clearance" the collection and use of personal data has been determined by didi, it strolled. The company must have the problems first loose.

Didi announced that it already registers new users to the 3. July has stopped and now worked to correct his app according to the regulatory requirements. Users who have already installed the app could continue to use. You will cooperate fully circumferentially, the above-rival participated in the social network of china’s weibo with.

The 2012-beijing company is based on its own data 377 million active users, as emerges from the official numbers registered in the us financial supervision. At the end of june, didi went to the borse in new york, although the driving service agent 2020 had to cope with a significant revenue effect due to the pandemic. Previously, didi grew powerful, but wrote until the first quarter of 2021, when there was a profit of $ 837 million, low-red numbers.

New didi share gives

The didi share had already fallen on friday for more than fun percent after the cyberspace administration of china (cac) had announced an investigation of the company. In his borsendebut at the end of june, didi’s papers were initially increased significantly, with which the company had a boral value of around 80 billion dollars temporarily. For comparison: the worldwide in approximately 70 countries titting us rival over it brings it currently to a market capitalization of almost $ 95 billion.

The supervisory authorities in beijing had recently taken a whole range of chinese internet companies and explored stricter rules for them. In april, china’s competitive help had a record penalty of 18 billion yuan (converted 2.3 billion euros) against the chinese internet giant alibaba – because of the violation of competition law. Last year alibaba also had to cancel at the order of the borsing of his financial subsidiary ant group at short notice.

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