Driving report: honda crf 250 rally

Driving report: honda crf 250 rally

No matter where the honda appears in the rally ornate, the looks of the surrounding persons automatically walk to the red motorcycle. She acts as if she had just taken the dusty slopes of the sahara under the rough stolloops and only briefly passed a jump in the city. Is that a honda africa twin converted for off-road use? No, the high-legged device is the new crf 250 rally. As a design model, the factory rally of honda, the crf 450 rally served. As the model name already betrayed, the newcomer has 250 cm3 and makes 25 hp. That sounds in the ps and displacement-rewarding germany for many motorcyclists, finally the rough sister crf 1000 l africa twin – currently bestseller in the honda program – a full liter of displacement and 95 hp. But the 250s weighs only 157 kg and thus 79 kg less than the africa twin. And during the rough travel enduro from 12.595 euro starts, honda calls only 5925 euros for the crf 250 rally.

Preserved drive

The water-boiled 250er single cylinder with two above-up camshafts and four valves is preserved and reliable. Especially in asia, hundreds of thousands go around with the four-line engine in various models. In europe, the – meanwhile no longer offered – straubsportler honda cbr 250 r with 23 horsepower of several years of some cases was successful, the enduro crf 250 l with the same drive still enriches the model program. For the exploitation of the euro4 standard, the honda engineers for 2017 have made the engine again and even thored two ps.

But the world-growing motorcycle manufacturer did not just want to build him in the normal enduro, but dared the courageous step on the basis of the crf 250 l an adventure model, which raises the claim, also suitable for the railway. In the last point, the rally can actually consider all other travel enduros. If you are honest as a proud owner of a displacement-strong travel enduro of 125 hp or even 160 hp, you will admit that you do not really want to get into a bike with around funf centers motorcycle weight. The risk of fall is immensely high and the heavyweight the driver gets hardly more in the vertical after a departure alone. On the impressive advertising photos of the manufacturer, where huge travel enduros wild with gravel sprinting through the dirt or even jump over hugel, racing enduro professionals sit in the saddle. But even the goods in the gone a light motorcycle much better, because there pays less every kilogram.

Feather elements very soft

This is exactly where the crf 250 rally starts. As a ruckgrat, the lightweight serves a preserved double loop steel pipe frame, as it is traditionally used frequently in the endurobau. You have 250 mm front and 265 mm rear over enough suspension reserves. The developers in the front wheel fork with the identical projection as in the l version, but the fork elongation but overall and increased the spring travel by 20 mm behind, so that the rally with 270 mm over 20 mm more ground clearance – in the grandfather an invitable advantage. However, the spring elements are not adjustable and very soft. When the driver swings on the saddle in 895 mm high, the motorcycle sacks visible. For more shortly growing, this is of course advantageous and even 1.75 meter stuffs come with both fifties still on the ground.

A short prere on the e-starter and the small engine bollert softly. The clutch lever is – as the handbrake lever – unfortunately not adjustable, but can even use a finger. With horny clacks, the first gear rests and the single cylinder takes on buttery and without the slightest jerking gas. Naturally builds such a motor with so little displacement from the stand not very much prere, but the honda he accelerates quite brave.

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