Electric c1 ev’ie based on the citroen c1 goes in series

Electric c1 ev'ie based on the citroen c1 goes in series

London (great britain), 30. April 2009 – with the battery-powered c1 ev’ie based on the citroen c1, british electric car corporation (ecc) launches a four-seater in the uk, which is particularly interesting for customers from london.

Only 100 kilometers range

With the information on technical details of the electric car, which is already consists, eec is still back. After all, the range of around 100 km and a highest speed of around 100 km / h are given. The vehicle can be charged at a normal power outlet within six to seven hours. Information on the type or capacity of the batteries ecc is equally little as the power of the electric motor. Ecc maintains a guarantee of three years. Citroen c1 ev’ie is assembled in the great britain based on the normal c1. Ecc wants to produce about 500 pieces in the next 12 months, in 2010 it should be 2000 to 4000 stucco.

Twice as expensive as a gasoline

The price is proud 16.850 pounds, currently approximately 18.800 euros. Thus, the electro version is about twice as expensive as the normal c1 entry model for 9390 euros. This extra charge is for those who are regularly in london’s inner city districts are difficult to shoot: the congestion charge for cars with internal combustion engine amounts to regular 8 pounds (8.90 euros), electric cars are exempt from this. Greater purchase incentives are to be expected only by the 2011 electric cars for electric cars for 2011 – or by an increase or expansion of the toll.

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