Electric traumes: byd on the car show in detroit

Electric traumes: byd on the car show in detroit

Detroit, 15. January 2009 – during many a manufacturer in front of detroit muhov tried to put on the legs on the legs, the chinese on the auto show coarse: since it is allowed to conjure up an electric car on the parquet, which can drive in a 400 km, or a plugin hybrid in which the internal combustion engine only has to intervene after 100 km. The short motto of the chinese manufacturer byd is called "build your dreams". If the acquires of the carmaker are to be taken for bare munze, the rest of the car world was indeed far ahead. Only the partly antiquity design of the exhibits does not really want to fit.

Plug-in hybrid

At least the middle class sedan f3 dm presents itself in the well-kept 80s-year look, but under the hood is then finished with old-fashioned: the chinese have installed here according to own information the first serial tire plug-in hybrid drive, which is also a good 100 km wide reused electric driving. As a highest speed, byd for the f3 dm 150 km / h, the acceleration of the 1.5-ton car from 0 to 96 km / h (60 mph) is completed in 10.1 seconds. The battery of the f3 dm should have a capacitance of 16 kwh, which in conjunction with the 49 kw electric motor for a range of 62 miles (about 100 km) should be sufficient. The small 1.0-liter internal combustion engine also makes 49 kw (69 hp). So far, but then it gets a bit complicated: according to byds description of the dual-mode concept, there is a purely electric drive mode and a "hybrid electrical" mode. Since the "combined performance" is to be 125 kw, it can not be a serial hybrid, as some reports suggest – ames byd’s own technical information is correct.

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