Eu commission: pollutants in air, water and floor should sink to zero

EU Commission: Pollutants in air, water and floor should sink to zero

The eu commission adopted on wednesday a european action plan on the freedom of permity of air, water and soil. It wants to implement specifications from the green deal, after which the zero pollutant target should be achieved by 2050. The new initiative describes the vision of a world more precisely, in which pollution is so low in 30 years, that it is no longer danger for human health and natural okosystems.

The brussels government institution has set concrete steps to achieve the goal. Thus, all striking eu policy fields should be involved in combating and preventing pollution. One focus is on the use of digital solutions such as big-data analyzes and intelligent sensors that could help reduce the pollution load. Their potential has examined the commission in case studies on intelligent mobility, precision agriculture, electronic health services or digital water management and made concrete proposals.

One of eight death due to pollutants

In the eu, one of eight death falls on pollutants in the environment would be influenced by the commission, the commission welcomes the initiative. 90 percent of these are due to chronic diseases with cancer at the top priority. The number of premature death traps that are due to pollutants in the air, the environment agency to 400.000 per year. The most indeed impact of pollution on health usually concerned the most heavily hazardous populations such as children and people with pre-existing conditions. Aspiration on the environment is also one of the fun cases for the loss of biological diversity.

To the eu on course to one "healthy planet" to bring, the project sees "etap targets for reducing pollution at the source until 2030" before, such as in the sectors agriculture, industry, energy and traffic. Until then, the air qualitat should be improved so that the number of premature death trap caused by succinct pollutants decreases by 55 percent. In the area of water, the requirement for 50 percent less plastic bag to the sea and 30 percent less microplasty to the environment. In the soil, nutrient losses and the use of chemical pesticides are to be reduced by 50 percent.

Traffic light as a chronic load

In the number of people suffering from a chronic burden due to traffic light, the intermediate goal is a minus of 30 percent. Within ten years, the waste volume as well as the residual mull will be reduced by 50 percent.

Existing succession eu legislation wants to tap the commission on a remaining liability. The implementation will be improved to the plan. The air quality standards should be adapted to the youngest recommendations of the world health organization, the standards for the water quality approximately from rivers and seas are checked. The pollution load in the ground is reduced, provides further maaking. Also a coarse part of eu waste law as well as rules on production and consumption come to the prudent to involve the principles of clean circular economy in the regulations.

Eu wants to reduce waste boxport

The external ecological footprint of the eu is intended to decline by restrictions on the export of products and falling in third countries, which have a polluting or toxic effects. One "zero pollutant platform" for the interest bearer, the commission wants to set up and standardize the supremed eu knowledge centers and strong.

The fight against environmental impacts and greenhouse gas emissions is mostly hand in hand, explores the commission the rider on the green deal. Thus, about the warming of buildings, the installation of more economical and clean heating systems, the transition to clean public transport, as well as more federation and cycling are all attributed to air satisfaction and limiting climate change.

Criticism gruner organizations at the green deal

The costs and the financial benefits of individual measures are to be set out in the impact assessments on the still outstanding legislation. It is clear that it is about the health care and the economy more burden, "if nothing is done".

The commission jizzy frans timmermans stated for the grunen deal stressed: "to make the environment for people and the planet pollutant-free, we have to act now." new green technologies could help reduce the burdens and to remember new business opportunities. "The proposal grabs too short", co-armed with the european environmental bureau (eeb) of the large merger "gruner" civil society organizations. List of legal obligations and ongoing audits of eu laws have been listed. The commission had given the opportunity to fully realize the urgent needed pollutant freedom.

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