Exhaust gas fraud: fine for daimler, nissan and porsche in sudkorea

Exhaust gas fraud: fine for Daimler, Nissan and Porsche in Sudkorea

Daimler should pay a fine of 77.6 billion won (58.6 million euros) in sudkorea because of a forbidden shutdown device in diesel cars (58.6 million euros). Also, against mercedes benz korea will reimburse criminal charges, said a spokesman for the ministry of the environment on thursday (7. May 2020). The case should be forwarded on the same day or on friday the prosecutor’s office. It would have been manipulated by the highest fine in sudkorea for a car maker because of the allegation to manipulate exhaust tests. The stuttgart carmaker announced.

Affected are zwolf mercedes benz models sold between 2012 and 2018 in sudkorea. For the variants of the c, m and s-class of mercedes as well as the suvs glc, gle and gls, prohibited software was found to control exhaust gas purification. The outset of nitrogen oxides should not have complied with the regulations.

Connection with a jerk of the kba of 2018

"The procedure relates to vehicles of the exhaust standard euro 6b, whose production was set in mid-2018," said daimler with. The investigations in sudkorea hours in connection with the jerk orders of the german federal office of 2018. The group did not keep the functions on illegal. The opposition proceedings in germany are still running.

Audi and volkswagen have already been punished

The ministry of the environment also decided to prove the sudkorea offshoot of nissan and porsche because of the same bumps with bubbles – but these fall far lower than daimler. Nissan korea is said to pay 900 million won and porsche korea a billion won. These two traps are about the models qashqai of nissan and the macan s of porsche. In august 2019, sudkorea had already avoid money bubes in millions against porsche and audi volkswagen korea because of similar premieges.

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