Ford daughter spin brings own e-scooter to germany

Ford daughter spin brings own e-scooter to Germany

The e-scooter company spin concerning the ford group is launched after a delay by the corona crisis in germany. The electric scooters have been in koln on the strain, dortmund and essen since wednesday. Germany is the first spin market in europe, but also applied for licenses in paris and lyon, said europachef felix petersen.

No unlocking

In view of the corona risks, spin will disinfect any e-scooter if it is collected for charging. "We start with hundreds of vehicles and if necessary, we put more on the strain", said petersen. In koln, the service also covers ehrenfeld and deutz next to the city center. Originally the start of the breakfast was announced.

In order to make short rides more attractive, spin – unlike other providers – renounces unlocking, which usually serves a euro. The minute price of 30 cents is high than the competition.

In the corona time there is more use by commuters in the city center than the weekend, so more scooters are placed near bahnhofen. In the us, spin received the operation in the crisis large part. E-scooters were perceived by many as individual means of transport, which is safe in the corona crisis, said petersen. Also, the city has become more receptionists for electric scooters: "the solution can not be that all go back to your car."

E-steholler in public transport

since the 15. June 2019 are electric storcher, also called e-scooters or e-scooters, registered on public durations in germany. Already the first were spotted in german city.

The business with electric scooters in europe is already crumpled hard, even the two us heavyweights lime and bird are working on. So bird relieved the berlin provider active in several european countries. Spin has so far been represented in 65 bads and 25 universities in the usa. Ford had taken the company in november 2018. The car conzers experiment – like other manufacturers also – with the offer of mobilitate services.

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