German solidarity with israel in a practical test

german solidarity with israel put to the test

Israeli president reuven rivlin and german aubenminister maas, march 2018. Image: mark neyman.0

While israel’s right to exist was invoked in unctuous speeches in the german parliament, the country’s interests are largely ignored in the discussion about the iranian nuclear agreement

The conflict between iran and israel is escalating. For months, israeli security agencies have watched iranian militars and hezbollah turn syria into a staging area. Israeli militaries have defined red lines and in the last few days there has been shooting as well. But syria is not the only line of conflict between israel and iran.

The israeli government’s accusation that iran has violated the nuclear agreement is nothing new. But that it is now, just days before the u.S. Government’s decision to withdraw from this nuclear agreement, presenting alleged evidence that iran is continuing to advance its nuclear weapons program (netanyahu relies on pictures for escalation: "iran leaks"), is also a declaration of war against the eu countries.

In recent weeks, they have lobbied hard for compliance with the agreement, arguing against trump that he, not they, will be isolated worldwide if he cancels the deal. However, they have ignored israel’s position. This is highly questionable for several reasons.

Israel is, after all, the country against which the iranian military program is essentially directed, and it would be directly confronted with it. Therefore, it is not only the present israeli right-wing government that sees iran as the main danger.

Even the more moderate opposition parties agree that iran’s policies pose a massive threat to their country. Only a small left-wing minority disagrees with this view. It is particularly absurd that the country at the forefront of the conflict with iran should be left out of the discussion about the future of the nuclear agreement.

This has been joined by the german government, which also propagated that the nuclear agreement had to be respected.

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