How a portable digital assistant to look for car

How a portable digital assistant to look for car

Ronda ringfort, 27, is master’s student at the university siegen in the study program human computer interaction (hci). With her project kiro, she tries to find the future of the ki in the vehicle.

Technology review: ms. Ringfort, you have created the idea of a novel digital assistant as part of your master’s thesis. Who or what is kiro?

Kiro is a companion for car rides to transform them into a positive social experience. Whether it’s a long drive alone, the seashore shuttle to work or a leisure trip, if no one else has time; kiro accompanies the driver (if he liked it) on his ride and depending on the user as an intelligent, communicative, advisory, helpful, fun, inspiring, motivating or imperidescent front passenger and social affairs.

How realistic is the implementation of kiro?

As part of the design definition, it was primarily about the creation of a "fictitious world", to explore the impact of new technologies by provocating new thoughts. Due to the future subject, kiro is based on the amption that the technological development of the ai in the next few years is developed from the currently primary weak ki to a strong ki and a natural interaction between man and a ki is possible.

Some functionalities (especially the natural interaction between ki and man, the reflection skills of the ki) are therefore only rudimentary with the current state of the art only rudimentary, but in the current development and progress in the area of ki quite conceivable in the next few years.

How far did you come as part of the design fiction?

The design fiction was developed as an alternative concept for the future concepts and visions of autonomous intelligent systems in the top 10 car of the most innovative premium and volume automobiles (2018) to an alternative "future" explore.

For this purpose, as part of the master’s thesis, i developed the concept of giving various literature, trying to illustrate this possible with the help of product websites and to start a critical discourse in a familiar context with the help of product websites and start a critical discourse. For this purpose, i have already carried out a workshop with potential users, which were left in the faith that the product was actually given.

In the workshop was discussed extensively with the participants, which emotions and thoughts they have in terms of kiro, which role kiro could play in their everyday life and how they were found. At the same time an online discussion is currently running, where it is about similar topics. With experts of the auto industry i was also in conversation.

What do you hope of the feedback of the user?

The design definition is about learning more about a possible future and seeing people react to them. From the feedback, by creating a changed critical discourse and the provocation of new thoughts, i consider getting an insight into the reactions, thoughts and feelings of people on such an object in order to derive themselves based on insights for future technological developments.

Here i hope for answers to the questions: is kiro something that people could imagine? Goods kiro something that was accepted by the people? What concerns, thoughts, opinions, people are working with such an object? Which harmden, challenges and potentials arise with a possible "real" implementation of such an object?

Google assistant, siri and alexa have already arrived in the car. What could kiro better than you?

Google assistant, siri and alexa are classic assistance systems that are primarily about, "commands" contrary to man and efficient functional tasks: navigation, music playback, knowledge query etc. In contrast to these systems, which primarily acts as a human assistant and taking out pragmatic tasks, kiro is more about a companion, the autonomous "eye-catching" interacts with humans and a social function fulfilled.

Kiro thus goes beyond the pragmatic functions and focuses on social needs and the creation of a positive experience in the car (well-being). Kiro was designed on the basis of individual and social driving practices of people and combines the positive effects of a passenger, the advantages of a ki and psychological models of relationship design to create a positive social experience in the car. By the integration of psychological models, kiro brings some therapeutic with themselves.

What is the advantage of a portable assistant protruding to a fixed bodied or. The on the phone?

The benefits are that the car is preserved as a personal jerking place. In the analysis of individual practices of people in the car, the use of the car was increasingly becoming as a personal jerking resort on which one is shielded from the ale world and has its rest.

To preserve the car as a personal residence resort and at the same time the needs of people after personal boundaries, kiro was developed as a portable companion. Through the "conscious" interaction of activation (set to the dashboard, remove from this) should be counteracted at the same time the fear of unwanted suspension / surveillance.

How do you see the user-experienced scene in germany? We can keep up with the us?

Hard to say, but i think so. Through many international cooperations and companies with sites both in germany and in the us, i think that the boundaries (especially in the area of ux / ui) are already heavily blurred. In terms of technological progress and openness to certain things, i was said that other countries like the us or japan are quite further.

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