Imagination technologies wants to make desktop graphics cards with innosilicon

Imagination Technologies wants to make desktop graphics cards with innosilicon

Chipdesigner imagination technologies and innosilicon, previously primar manufacturer of krypto minern, have a cooperation to build graphics cards. Imagination technologies represents the graphics architecture img b-series bxt, innosilicon builds pci express 4.0 plug-in cards, apparently with fast gddr6 memory.

In the message, both companies write on high-end graphics cards for data centers, but also desktop pcs. These for compute, ki applications and 3d games are thought. In order to increase the computing power, imagination technologies has designed the graphics architecture used for a composite of several chiplets. Homes: a gpu consists of several silicon chips that behave in front of the operating system like a single behavior. The idea should "very soon" take place.

Project complicated

At such an approach amd and nvidia have been researching for years. What can function in data centers thanks to parallelized compute tasks, especially in latency-critical 3d games for performance problems. In series, neither amd nor nvidia chiplet gpus produce. The plan of imagination technologies and innosilicon therefore sound at first ambitious.

By 2017, imagination technologies provided the gpu designs (powervr) for apple’s system-on-chip (socs) in the iphones and ipads. After apple was swung on self-developed graphics units, the chinese investor canyon bridge capital partners bought the british chip designer. Since then it has been largely silent for imagination technologies. Innosilicon builds priority crypto miners, including application-specific integrated circuits (asics) for codding of bitcoin. Headquarters: also in china.

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