Mars helicopter ingenuity: new flight photos and videos, second planned

MARS Helicopter Ingenuity: New flight photos and videos, second planned

The small helicopter ingenuity has reached a high of about three meters in the historic first motorized flight on another planet as planned. Overall, the flight on the mars took 39.1 seconds, of which ingenuity floated 30 seconds quietly over the start and landing place. The slightly more than 64 meters away rover perseverance was able to record the first flight with several cameras and thus gain further data on technology demonstration. While the responsible persons are still busy with the evaluation, they do not want to waste time and leave the mini helicopter again in just a few days.

(source: nasa / jpl-caltech / asu / msss)

Ingenuity had completed a controlled, motor-driven flight on another planet on monday after a day-to-day delay on monday after a day-to-day delay and fulfilled the kuhnsten expectations of nasa. Although mars has only about one third of the gravity of the earth, but the atmosphere is extremely dunn and only comes to about one percent of the prere that prevails over the earth’s surface. For these conditions, ingenuity had to be developed specifically, for example, his rotors turned with more than 2400 revolutions per minute. At the same time, the helicopter could not be controlled directly due to the long signal runtime, but had to act with the existing commands autonomously.

Rough recognition

At the jet propulsion laboratory of nasa, where the helicopter was developed, one is thrilled by the success: in the mars helicopter were only six years between the feasibility study and the first flight on mars, explained jpl boss michael watkins. He is a glowing example and underlines the innovation of his institution. Thomas zuchen from nasa once had more parallels to the historical first flight of the gebruder wright 118 years ago and explained that the location of ingenuity "wright brothers field" be baptized. The international civil aviation organization (icao) has officially awarded ingenuity the identification igy-1 license plate and was also recognized by us prassident biden.

MARS Helicopter Ingenuity: New flight photos and videos, second planned

Just over the ground

Despite the joy of the success, the responsible persons at nasa and in jpl but now no time to blend, explain project chefs mimi aung: "we will take a moment to celebrate our success and then follow orville and wilbur. The story wife that she had gone back to work and wanted to learn as much as she wanted to learn about her new plane – just as we." according to the required analyzes, ingenuity is expected to at the latest on 22. April withdraw again. Should he also survive this second flight, you will think about how to remove the flight profile best, the nasa writes.

First helicopter of many?

Ingenuity has been on mars since the beginning of april, the nasa-rover perseverance had brought him. After that, the planned historical first flight had been prepared, but then there had been a problem with a test run. A test of the rotors had been broken by a control software, whereupon the start date has been postponed. Subsequently, some modified commands were transferred to commissioning. The responsible persons stand something under time prere, because nasa has snapped the blobing technique demonstration only 30 days. After that, perseverance should record the actual work and looking for traces of possible lives in an apparently dried riverbed. After ingenuity success, the us space agency was able to develop additional helicopters for mars.

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