Media: microsoft wants to take discord for 10 billion us dollars

Media: Microsoft wants to take Discord for 10 billion US dollars

Microsoft is allegedly negotiating with discord over the messenger, as a purchase price is more than $ 10 billion in conversation. This reports the new york times, citing unnamed persons who are familiar with the negotiations. But still the talks are in a fruhen phase, a conclusion of the contract is not imminent. Discord is popularly popular with gamern, but has also established itself as a regular messenger.

Not just gaming

Discord was developed by jason citron and stan veannvskiy and released in 2015 for the public. Initially, it was a platform on which gamer communicated – not only during the playing itself. Available are text, voice and video chats. Centrally small communities in which users and users can beat themselves according to interest. Even our site operates such a discord community. The messenger comes according to own information "100 million active users in the month who communicate with each other up to four hours a day". The target group is now not limited only to gaming.

If microsoft discord is actually taking over, the service to the in-house oko system was suitable for the xbox consoles. The us group has been buys for more successful internet access, which have rough user communities. In 2016, microsoft had taken the business network linkedin for more than $ 26 billion, 2018 followed for $ 7.5 billion the software development platform github. Billions-heavy use offers for the video-app tiktok and the online pink wall of pinterest had failed in recent months. Among other things, microsoft aims to bring rough online communities to the own azure platform, also to use usage data for other business areas.

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