Partial tourism

Partial tourism

Munchen, 16. January 2015 – so glitched really did not seem to shape the second 1er edition. The tail reminded of the vw polo, the sideline no longer has such crunchy as the first 1er and the front with the lace headlights was, or rather, so habitual requirements that some viewers have not used to today. The sales figures did not hurt that the 1er has sold great in recent years. Now bmw improves with a basic review at numerous bodies.

No xenon light anymore

The optical changes often come from more young new releases of the bmw brand. The front now has a strong one of 2 coupe and cabriolet, the led jerk lights of the 2er active tourer. New on offer are led headlamps, which are at a surcharge of 790 euros cheaper than the previously offered xenon lamps with headlight cleaning. The latter were taken out of the program, a step that can be expected in a similar form in the upcoming facelift of the 3 series.

In the interior bmw has left much. New is a glorious capture of air conditioning operation. In addition, the standard equipment has been extended: a single climate control is now also supplies bmw without any additional payment as the radio professional. With the latter now, a 6.5-inch display and the i-drive control system is confirmed here as well. With a little habit there is a comprehensive music collection on cd, usb or telephone well manage. Unfortunately, bmw usb interface and handsfree continues to provide only for a surcharge.

There are still two navigation sytemas: business with 6.5-inch display for 1190, professional with 8.8-inch display for 2090 euros. The monetary distance between these two shrinks significantly when considered that bmw for the expensive navi three years after first-time free card updates over a fixed sim card built in the vehicle. Only the navi professional gets a built-in hard drive. Since the 20 gigabyte of music but is quite small and even gross usb sticks no longer cost the world, this additional benefit is rather small.

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