Report: daimler wants to build more cars in china

Some german car turns are surprisingly good. The reason is above all in the fact that german cars like to bought in the chinese market. The market volume of china has meanwhile reached the level of the usa, but offers significant increase in significance.

The car maker daimler is now superimposed to produce another series in his work in beijing. "We think about it, in addition to the c-class sedan, also below the e-class to produce further vehicles", told financial officer bodo over the stuttgarter newspaper from thursday. Ubber did not exclude that this could be the compact railway wagon glk. Daimler wool until 2015 around 300.Sell 000 cars in china. The half of them should come from assembly in the country itself. "The capacity of our work in beijing is doubled until then", said uebber.

In view of the good order admirudes, the profit for the car division mercedes-benz cars "at the upper edge of the contested bandwidth of 2.5 to 3 billion euros" be. This also applies to the truck division, where a profit before interest and taxes of 500 to 700 million euros has been predicted.

Also about a possible expansion of the cooperation of daimler with renault / nissan is currently spoken. Uebber said that there are discussions with nissan, whether a small model of the nissan precious brand infiniti can be built in the art mercedes plant in hungary. These talks are how ubber says, but still in a fresh stage, "nothing is decided."

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