Report: opel and psa peugeot-citroen plan common production

A joint production of the attacked car maker opel and peugeot-citroen takes on information of the faz from saturday. Accordingly, it is planned to leave the citroen premium model ds5 from 2015 to the opel headquarters in russelsheim from the band. In addition, the production of middle-class sedan peugeot 508 should be relocated from 2016 to russelsheim. In return, the french were able to receive the production of the family car zafira from the bochum opel plant.

Officially, the cooperation of automakers so far includes cooperation in purchasing, development and logistics. Already from the beginning, however, the question of joint production was also in the room to better utilize the works. An opel spokesman called the report as "bare speculation" and referred to the still ongoing negotiations on the design of the alliance. Similarly, psa peugeot citroen looked at the weekend: the corresponding working groups in the companies involved were presented only at the end of the year.

The faz increased in your information on an internal production plan of the opel parent group general motors (gm). Us-americans had involved 7 percent to psa peugeot citroen at the beginning of the year. The hope is that the alliance decreases the costs. Both opel – a work has the car maker in eisenach – including his british sister brand vauxhall as well as peugeot and citroen suffering from lower selling in their western european core markets in the course of the debt crisis. Psa has to save dramatically, a work wants to shut up and coat about 8,000 workplaces, but this stobs in france on fierce protests.

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