Shrill instead of shill

A cultural project for the federal election 2002

The small r makes the big difference. Although the slogans on the website www.Shrill-party.De seem at first glance to be quite similar to the slogans on www.Schill-partei.De. And populist empty formulas like the following would probably be signed by mr. Schill from hamburg immediately.

Separator meat, the immigrant question, eichel’s tax capers, an exit from energy policy, terrorists wherever you look: all this has moved us in the last 4 years and verargert. And now new: anti-semitism. Not so, mr. Mollemann! This must not be and should not be. We stand up for the simple citizen: lieschen muller, otto normalverbraucher. Where it hurts, we tackle it. One shrill, one word!

Shrill instead of shill

But on this website, it’s not schill, but schrill that’s courting voters ­ with funny and silly, with satirical and witty contributions. A bit of fun is a must, even though, or perhaps precisely because, elections to the bundestag are a very serious and probably very important matter.

Nevertheless, as is well known, the number of non-voters has increased considerably in recent years. For those who do not want to go to the ballot box again next september because they simply cannot decide between misery and hardship, there is now mr. Schrill and his s.C.H.R.I.L.L.-party an artistic alternative.

For the first time in the history of the federal republic of germany, it is possible to vote for an art project directly and exclusively by placing a cross on the ballot paper. This is the promise of the party founded by media artists from berlin and hamburg "cultural project for the 2002 federal election" understands.

Group’s goal is to turn state campaign aid into state art requirement. The money raised will then be used to finance a short film. In order to gather enough votes to skip the legal hurdle for the campaign aid, the s.C.H.R.I.L.L.-party now first of all via the internet the "1.8% project" launched on the internet. And promises there additionally to everyone, who supports them actively, a role in their tv election spot with the nice title "the singing chancellor candidate".

Whether the necessary percentages are reached, seems to be rather doubtful. But one thing at least is certain. While the election promises of the traditional parties all too often turn out to be trivial, everyone who supports the s.C.H.R.I.L.L.(en) people supports and perhaps even votes for, quite exactly what he is getting into: art.

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