Start-stop systems on the upswing: bosch and valeo celebrate sales successes

Start-stop systems on the upswing: bosch and valeo celebrate sales successes

Paris. July 2008 – the number of cars with automatic start-stop systems is growing, and looking at the prices at gas stations, you don’t have to be a prophet to predict that the technology will become increasingly widespread. The two major suppliers bosch from germany and valeo from france are currently announcing new sales successes for their respective fuel-saving technologies.

Bosch: 500.000 systems since 2007

Bosch says it has already supplied half a million start-stop systems for bmw and mini since the start of production in 2007. A large proportion of the models there are now equipped with the technology in series production. Bosch estimates that, depending on the vehicle, up to five percent of fuel can be saved in the new european driving cycle (nedc). The company also announced that three other manufacturers have opted for the technology and are planning to start series production in the next few months. In response to our inquiry, bosch spokesman stephan kraus stated only that these were european companies.

Mechanics and electronics

In the bosch system, a more powerful starter and a stronger single-track mechanism ensure that the engine starts quickly. The technology, unlike that of other suppliers, is also suitable for cold-starting diesel engines. The overall system includes, among other things, control software that can be integrated into the respective engine control unit. Also on board are a crankshaft sensor with evaluation electronics and a battery sensor. The latter calculates the current state of charge of the battery and makes the information available to the energy management system.

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