The joy of saving

The joy of saving

Stuttgart, 3. September 2013 – in the dominant business with fleet customers, no luxury sedan in germany can do without a diesel engine – even maserati is now taking this into account. The diesel engine has been on offer in the porsche panamera since 2011, but so far with only moderate success. Around 15 percent of panamera deliveries had the diesel under the hood. After only 2.5 years, porsche is now upgrading the self-tuner.

Water-cooled turbocharger

The new v6 delivers 300 hp and 650 nm, significantly more than its predecessor. That was specified with 250 hp and 550 nm. From the old engine, only the basic quantities were taken over. Above all, the moving parts such as the crankshaft drive and pistons are newly designed and dimensioned. Porsche combines the engine with a water-cooled turbocharger for the first time. This is designed to allow more air throughput. In addition, the maximum boost prere has been increased by 0.5 to three bar. The new engine also only complies with the euro 5 standard.

The standard eight-speed automatic transmission has a shorter ratio in the first four gears, while the axle is slightly longer, which should reduce noise and fuel consumption on the highway. As usual, according to current plans, the diesel will be available only with rear-wheel drive. For better traction, porsche torque vectoring plus (ptv plus), previously reserved for gasoline engines, has been added. It consists of an electronically controlled, fully variable rear-axle cross-lock and braking interventions at the rear wheels. Thicker stabilizer bars are designed to improve handling.

Somewhat thirstier, significantly more expensive

With 6.0 instead of 6.8 seconds for the sprint to 100 km/h and a top speed of 259 instead of 244 km, the new kia is a real winner. Consumption has not increased significantly, at least in the nedc: instead of 6.3, it is now 6.4 in this cycle. But porsche is making a big effort in other areas. The old diesel is currently available from 81.849 euros, for the successor must at least 85.300 euros are paid.

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