Wristwatch with nuclear power plant

Not yet on sale: future gadgets

Is this from rolex? No, from lft. And the special wristwatch is intended not only for a single agent, but for all senior fleet officers. Starfleet officers.

James bond became probably zwangslaufig envious: the multi-purpose wristband device r-16 s. But it contains technology at its best.

Wristwatch with nuclear power plant

The multipurpose wristwatch of "siganesian" production – first appeared in perry rhodan ie 193 (fourth edition).

Batteries have had their day in the future: instead, micro-fusion reactors provide electricity. Siganese, a particularly small-grown people in the perry rhodan universe, have developed this technology. In our reality, it exists so far only in esoteric form, for example as a "device for the conversion or production of usable energy from. Extraction of usable energy from quantum vacuum, by means of incoming spherical waves, in a resonance cavity". The problem is simply that, as an alternative to "heiben kernfusion" as pursued by the iter project, no other method suitable for energy production has been experimentally demonstrated to date.

Far more realistic are some other components of the future clock conceived some 35 years ago. The microcomputer, for example – in the wristband form factor, far more computing power can be accommodated today than was still in home computers in the mid-1980s. Even for the voice control envisaged by the perry rhodan cartoonist the computing power should be sufficient. Interesting is also the anticipation of bluetooth: the "reading pen" (4) should be wirelessly coupled with translator, computer and loudspeakers. Surely, even in perry rhodan’s time, driving spaceships is allowed only with hands-free equipment.

The "telecom transmitter" (5) is reminiscent of a gsm module. Here, the technology has developed somewhat differently than was amed in the 70s. It is not at all necessary that each individual can radio 16 light seconds far – that is after all 4.8 million kilometers, the twelvefold distance from the earth to the moon. Instead, cell phones simply radio to the next transmission tower, and the signals then travel the roughest part of the distance by cable.

Considering that to double the range of electromagnetic radiation, four times the power is needed, it is to be feared that the wearer of a r-16 s. One must credit the inventors, however, that theoretically the reception sensitivity could have been increased enormously without increasing the transmission power to gigantic proportions.

The wristband, according to the description, "automatically adapts to any wrist" thanks to its special armor-plastic alloy. That sounds comfortable, but it is not yet technically trivial to implement today. Unless you use a material that becomes malleable under certain circumstances – circumstances that should preferably not occur in daily use.

We are already very close to the future when it comes to product names. The series creators came up with the name r-16 s.

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