Bmw again under suspicion of exhaust gas manipulation

Bmw again under suspicion of exhaust gas manipulation

According to a report, bmw is suspected of suspicion of exhaust manipulation in cars of the 5er and 7 series with six-cylinder motorizations. A group speaker shared with, the 11.700 affected vehicles had been misused four years ago with a false software for engine control. I have noticed the error in internal tests and immediately informs the federal office federal office (kba).

Previously, on friday, the 23. February 2018, the news magazine mirrors reports that the inconsistency at the control system was noticed in a sampling control. The author is already buying approved cars at handlers. When the planned sample has become known at the automaker, "bmw wanted to make a service on the car before the examination". That’s how the mirrors a civil servant from circles.

According to bmw, the engine controls with which the cars were delivered to the production start of 2012 were first recorded later with the wrong code in the course of an update. Bmw wants to resumble the affected vehicles as part of a jerk. The approval of this procedure is now in the hands of the kba. If the wrong software is classified as an illegal attempt of exhaust manipulation, according to volkswagen with its brands porsche and audi and daimler against another german automaker was determined.

Only in december the german environmental assistance had claimed that bmw models of the 3 series with manipulative exhaust control remunerates. This reproach has decepted the authority.

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