Code week 2020: finally learning to program

Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

The european initiative "code week" was initiated by a consultant * inner group of the early eu commissioner for digital agenda, neelie kroes,. Since then, it has been carried out on all over europe by volunteer ambassadors. In the context of the initiative, which is required by the european union, events will take place, which should enable all population groups to acquire knowledge in the coding.

The development of the code week

Code Week 2020: Finally learning to program

from 2018, the number of participants rose strongly,

The initiative is aimed primarily in schulerinnen, schuler and laudulphant – school form and subject do not play a role. The prerequisites for participation as event providers * are deliberately kept low threshold. On the website is encouraged to offer an event even if you are not sure of its previous knowledge. A variety of resources of the initiative itself should provide support in this case.

In germany, something about 180 events for the code week are currently logged in. They are almost exhaustively on schulerinnen and schuler. The events have a rough thematic bandwidth: of 3d printing, robotics and ki, on the basis of programming languages and the good programming tools for children, everything is there.

There are several regional code week initiatives. In hamburg, berlin, the bonn-rhein-sieg region and baden-wurttemberg, so-called regio hubs have emerged, who want to support regional projects and network.

Who wants to offer an event, can get by many sides support. In addition to the content resources for the ideas, preparation and execution of an event, the national initiative and the regio hubs can also help the event when finding a room for the event. In addition, one can apply for an expense depreciation of up to 300 euros for materials.

For online events in the context of the code week, there are still claims from the initiative "meet and code". For these events, a large temporal setting – you can between the 1. September and the 31. October 2020 take place. There are 500 euro entry fee per event.

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