Daimler wants uniform crash test rules

Daimler wants uniform crash test rules

Daimler’s development leader thomas weber has pronounced for a stronger approximation of crash tests worldwide. "We wish ours harmonized and standardized rules worldwide, because it has helped us to narrow complexity," weber said today at the inauguration of a new center for vehicle safety in sindelfingen at stuttgart.

The requirements for safety have risen enormously in recent years, weber said. The number of real crash tests carried out at daimler in sindelfingen per year had doubled to 700 over the past 15 years and go towards 900 to 1000 in the future. There are also thousands of simulations. Each country has other requirements. Russia, for example, demanded as the only country an accident test with overshadding on the roof. However, the rating institutes who have an interest in complex and expensive procedures have also been to blame, said thomas merker, who is state-of-vehicle safety with the car maker.

Daimler has invested around 600 million euros in new development institutions in recent years in sindelfingen. After a wind tunnel and new pruned, the crash test center is inaugurated. That alone has cost 200 million euros. There are in contrast to the old test center crash tests for lateral impact situations, inflation with two cars, with trucks but also with electric cars possible.

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