Delivery hero looks optimistic in the future

Delivery hero looks optimistic in the future

A good start to the current business year is the delivery service delivery hero optimistic for 2021. Therefore, management wants to pay annual turnover compared to € 6.1 to 6.6 billion compared to the previous year, as the dax listed in the dax announced on wednesday in berlin. Delivery hero also benefits from a beginning of marz completion.

Next red numbers

On a comparable basis, the group expects sales growth of up to almost 90 percent. The gross value (gmv) should also be more than twice as rough with 31 to 34 billion euros as a year ago. On a comparable basis – including the supersomed sudkorean company woowa – had the gross wave value last year at just under 22 billion euros.

Operatively, delivery hero will continue to write red numbers. The executive board expects a margin based on adjusted earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (ebitda) from minus 1.5 to minus 2 percent.

In the first quarter, delivery hero continued to benefit from a strong demand as a result of worldwide corona’s maws, which hardly make it possible to go out in restaurants. For example, the number of ordinary orders increased by 88 percent to 663 million, the gross value of gross value as compared with the previous year in a similarity to 7.8 billion euros. Consolidated sales was twice as high with just under 1.4 billion euros as a year ago. Information on the result in the first quarter did not make the company.

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