Electrical care vehicles

Electrical care vehicles

Transport minister alexander dobindt has taker qualities. In boxing, this is the ability to plug me in without recovery. The messaging car toll, the imminent bankruptcy of the private motorway operator a1 mobile as well as the diesel-disaster have encosted a lot of force. So apparently little time for a seemingly subordinated project remained important for a future-oriented traffic system: the attribution of electric small vehicles.

In the eu jargon you would like plev (for personal light electric vehicle) and in the marketing speech "last mile scooter" or "surfer". Such products are massible. You have an electric engine, can drive faster than 6 km / h and are therefore in the meaning of the legislator motor vehicles. And for their use in the public space you need insurance, a driver’s license and a plenty – but they are fixed in the burocracy.

Vehicles with "not at least one seat"

So the federal council has the federal government on 23. September 2016 prompted the prerequisites for the operation of self-balancing vehicles and vehicles with electric motor, "which do not have at least one seat" with the participation of the land.

The federal institute for straillen (bast) had already on the 24th ministry of transport (bmvi). November 2014 get the order to get "overview of electrically operated micro vehicles, whether a classification in categories is possible," as the bast announces on request by heise cars.

So the bast does not investigate the actual permissible, but first only the possibility of classification in categories.

"Due to the intermediate results, the need to give scientific tests," writes the federal government in response to a small request from members of the group’s grunen. And on: "the bast has the previous results on the 24. May 2017 submitted "- and not released in science. When this study is published, unknown, it is called from the bast.

Unlimited fantasy for electric cladding vehicles

Granted, the technical simplicity of the combination of battery and electric motor has led to a broad and barely transverse spectrum of interesting vehicles: there are the e-scooters, which have been a designer chocolate in the trunk of messeuthus for years. Look, say the premium manufacturers, that’s our stylish last mile scooter. Then there are the e-longboards that are happy to be used by adult skaters in coarse dates, holding the gas grip at leisure in hand. For people with a functioning sense of equilibrium, hoverboards and solowheels are on the market.

Also on wise mobility ideas with electric clay vehicles do not lack. In hamburg, the company floatility https: // www.Floatility.Com / in collaboration with basf developed a slight tricycle e-scooter, which should be available as a sharing concept everywhere in the city. A true competition for car2go and drivenow, and of course it is much more meaningful from the ecological point of view, to move an e-scooter instead of a car. If only the thing with the permitted goods. As a consequence floatility has introduced the "e-floater" now in asia.

March through the institutions

Also from the hanseatic city of hamburg, florian walberg, who has made aware of two years ago, because he dared the march through the institutions. The starting point was the e-roller egret developed by him. Walberg went to brussel to the european union, where he has a tcvm (for technical committee on engine vehicles) has initiated to legalize its products and that of competition. With success, because in the working group, in which representatives of honda and toyota saben, a catalog has been developed for typing and standardization. Has this tcmv done the task of the bast long?

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