Fight against hunger on the internet

Netaid spectacle was a success, but donations came almost none

The netaid spectacle, organized jointly by the undp and cisco and featuring many celebrities, which was billed as a "grossest multimedia event in history" was announced, was at least a success in terms of media technology and attention economy. But the willingness of the online community to donate has not been overwhelming.

Fighting hunger on the internet

Sting during the concert in new york

On 9.10.In 1999, in addition to radio stations in 132 countries, mtv, vh-1 in the u.S. And bbc in the u.K. Broadcast the event live from wembley stadium in london, the palais des nations in geneva and giants stadium in new york. On the netaid website, over 40 million hits were registered by people from 160 countries. There were 2494135 web streams of the live broadcast, of which over 99 percent were reportedly successful. Moreover, the downloads were over 30 percent faster than usual for the top 40 sites. The capacity of 125,000 simultaneous live streams, of course, like everything else a record, could let 10 million people watch the concert. Provided a distributed network of 1500 servers. Netaid was not only the largest website ever created, but also the first to be broadcast simultaneously on radio, television and the internet.

The netaid concerts were the first events to run simultaneously across all of the major broadcast media today – television, radio, the internet, streaming video and steaming audio

A unique, multimedia webcast and three simultaneous concerts on october 9, used the powers of the internet to highlight successful initiatives to fight poverty – and create a new, long-term community for change.


The organizers expressed their satisfaction. Mark brown of undp said that netaid had been more successful than ever in attracting large numbers of people and connecting them with leading aid organizations. Proudly announced in the press release of 15.10. The assessment of gary arlen, arlen communications, that the 40 million hits have made the site one of the world’s leading portals. The "tremendous interest" in netaid.Org shows "the huge potential of the new internet technology to solve one of the world’s oldest problems."

Netaid’s mission is to use the powers of the internet to help the millions of men, women, and children who live on the edge of survival.


Some time later there is not much left of the event. The concert in new york’s giant stadium was only half full, in geneva there were losses, because mainly employees of the un and cisco were admitted for free. Only the london concert was sold out.

So far, netaid has not received a flood of donations, but just one million dollars from the internet and the three concert venues. 6000 people have registered online since the concert to offer their help. With an audience that is said to have totaled one billion people, both figures are rather deplorable. Technically, records were set: 1000 secure e-payment transactions had been executed per second. Comparable events in the pre-internet era such as "we are the world" (1985) raised as much as 64 million dollars or "live aid" raised as much as $120 million in contributions.

Robert piper, who is responsible for the un website netaid.Org, plays down the failure. One is "more than satisfied", after all, it was not primarily about collecting donations, but about emotional and spiritual "emotional and spiritual" involvement of the people.

Ken kragen, who was already responsible for the promotion of "live aid" and "we are the world" attributes the lack of donations to a decline in compassion due to an overabundance of media information about the situation of people in the world: "in 1985, people saw pictures of starving african people in the news for the first time. Now we see a disaster every week, whether it’s the earthquake in turkey, east timor, or the plane crash in mexico. Unfortunately, people have become accustomed to this."

Maybe an offer like the hunger site is more suitable for the internet age and the remote love cultivated here (every day a click for a hungry person in the world)?

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