Giant screen for gaming: player rent empty cinemas

Giant screen for Gaming: Player rent empty cinemas

The large cinema operator in sudkorea, cgv, rented his sale since the beginning of the year by the hour. In the us, the kinokette malco offers the gamers their canine since november previous year. While this is not profitable, but reduces the losses resulting from the coronvirus pandemia and the outgoing notes.

In sudkorea, up to four players can rent a cinema room at cgv. 6 pm cost two hours over 74 euros. In the evening, the price increases to 111 euros. The players must bring their game consoles, games and controllers. Most customers are manner at the age of 30 to 50 years, but also families use this offer.

New movies were more profitable, but they do not appear

The offered cinemas are actually designed for 100 to 200 people. In korea, cinemosale can only be charged to half due to the pandemic only to half. In normal cinema prices of just under 10 euros, a film advance is significantly more profitable, especially taking into account the good-to-drink and popcorn. However, the covid time hardly new high-cared cinema films appear as a crowd blood. Thus, the cinemas usually remain empty.

Similarly, the kinokette malco from the us state of tennessee is. This offers the sale of its 36 cinemas for groups of up to 20 players. The prices are 100 us dollars for two and $ 150 for three hours, so similar as in sudkorea. Malcos viceprasidentin karen melton has mixed hatching, like the bbc reported: "it wins traction and is becoming increasingly popular, but at this time it does not contribute to our profitability."

Other us chains such as amc and cinemark rent their cinemas to small groups for private proposals. Cgv offers in sudkorea even the dining offer from the cinema for delivery home. Film friends should also get at netflix co kinogefuhle.

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