It industry: bad numbers, but good prospects

IT industry: bad numbers, but good prospects

The german it industry is economically riskier than the average of german companies. This has the information creditsafe germany in an investigation under 46.000 software producers, it service providers, data processing companies, web portals and hosting services found.

According to the study, 42 percent of companies have an insufficient liquidity, which can quickly become a problem in view of the effects of corona. All industries only have 36 percent of german companies liquiditative problems. The numbers are still from the time before the corona pandemic.

The average default risk – the likelihood that a company has to register within the next two months of bankruptcy – is 1.91 percent in the it industry, on average at 1.35 percent. A high probability of probability of three percent have 18.5 percent of it companies, but only 13 percent of companies of all industries. After all, the equity ratio looks a bit better about it companies than average.

IT industry: bad numbers, but good prospects

It companies are on average young and smaller than the companies of other industries.

However, numbers totaling are counteracting that it companies are much young and smaller than the average. Thus, 35.1 percent of it companies are young than 5 years, on average, it is only 22.8 percent. About 90 percent of it companies are smaller companies, all industries, this value is 86.1 percent. In addition, the prospects for the it industry are more than rosy, my researchers of creditsafe. The show, for example, the current bitkom-ifo digital index.

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