Lg is enough airplay and homekit support for alter tvs

LG is enough AirPlay and HomeKit Support for alter TVs

The electronics manufacturer lg builds the support for apple services on tvs: protocols airplay 2 and homekit are still on tv models from 2018, as the manufacturer announced on monday. A firmware update should bring the functions on the ages of the year 2020 to the ages of television model rows, a precise appointment has not yet been communicated. You want to give more details if the apple protocols are available on the advice.

Iphone and siri control tv

Lg has integrated the first television manufacturer homekit and airplay on his 2019 tvs last summer, the beginning made the oled and lcd model series, later followed by uhd models. The 2020er models support the apple protocols ex works. The tvs can be used to control, automate, automate and summarize with other smart-home in so-called scenes on iphones, ipads and macs and contact together. In addition, it is possible to control homekit televisions on the language assistance system siri with voice commands.

The support for airplay 2 allows you to stream videos, music and photos of apple advice to the tv and to use the tv device for a multiroom audio playback in combination with other airplay 2 speakers.

Lg was originally called homekit and airplay integration only for tv models from year of construction 2019. Although a manufacturer’s support document led to a short time even 2018 models as supported, but the note was quickly removed. Only now was the confirmation that the old models should also receive a corresponding update.

"Apple tv"-app on lg tvs from 2018

The "apple tv"-app is now available for all customers worldwide on 2018 oled and super uhd models, emphasized lg also, some owners of uhd models must still be a bit patient, the introduction of the tv app on old lg models was already starting in august. "Apple tv" gives access to videos for rent and buy from the itunes store – also the retrieval there already acquired title is possible. In addition, apple’s streaming subscription service is integrated apple tv + as well as the tv channel offered by apple as an additional subscription as starz. Recent tv models of the manufacturer have already received the apple tv app in the early year.

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