Mazda pick-up: new edition of the bt-50 comes to europe in 2011

Mazda pick-up: new edition of the bt-50 comes to europe in 2011

Leverkusen, 15. October 2010 – the australian international motor show in sydney (15. To 24. October 2010) seems a good patch for the premiere of some more hearty vehicles. So mazda presents the new edition of his pick-up bt-50. The japanese promise that the new generation connects the functionality of a commercial vehicle with the comfort of a car. This is intended to respond to the pick-up auber commercial users also a lifestyle-oriented clientele.

Mazda-typical features

The bt-50 shares the platform with the new ford ranger, who is also presented in sydney. The front area of the bt-50 is kept in typical mazda design – with coarse cooler grille and dynamically acting headlights. There is a striking fuss and two-tone jerk lights that pull around the corners of the vehicle.

Asymmetric fitting board

The interior also reminds of other models of the japanese manufacturer. So there is a driver-oriented cockpit as well as a wide, downwardly rejuvenating center console. The dashboard is asymmetrically designed to create good space for riders and passenger. Trim in aluminum optics on the turver cloths and on both sides of the center console light the interior.

Market import in europe at the end of 2011

According to europe, the new bt-50 is expected to come at the end of 2011. The drive is a 2.2 liter gross common rail turbo diesel with around 150 hp in this country. A variant with six-speed manual transmission should also have a six-stage automatic. The new bt-50 art is produced in the plant jointly operated by mazda and ford in thailand rayong.

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