Motorcycle manufacturer buell is back to insolvent

Motorcycle manufacturer buell is back to insolvent

Us-american erik buell is a gifted motorcycle engineer and racing fanatic. In addition, an excerptly sympathetic character who likes to laugh, lovely casually clothes in jeans and short-sleeved shirts and like to be unpacked his electric guitar to catch in the strings. He is a rather modest type, but still impressed by his knowledge about the development of motorcycles. That’s good at the managers gross companies. But erik buell’s dilemma was always that he just is not a business man.

From the racer to the motorcycle maker

As a young man, buell drove himself successfully race, first motocross, then on the asphalt. He donated as a mechanic of racing teams, while he in the evening at the university of pittsburgh for his mechanical engineering studies buffet. As a finished engineer he wanted to work for harley-davidson. Instead of sending an application, he flew in 1979 to milwaukee and surprised the business administration to hire him.

Parallel to his job, he developed a 750 two-stroke racing motorcycle based on a british barton. In 1983 he rally at harley-davidson to devote himself to his racing project. But when the first successes were finally setting, the class of coarse two-stroke in favor of the four-stroke 1986 was set. Need for four-stroke engines and thanks to his still good contacts with harley-davidson, he received a few engines of the xr1000, a racing motorcycle, with which he drove in 1983 personally at the road america battle of the twins except for a podium square was.

With the four-stroke uphill

This was formed five stucco the buell rr 1000 before it was replaced by the sportster 1200 engine and could be built in coarse stucco numbers. From then on, it went with his company buell motorcycle company uphill, after all, he could even surprise the business administration of harley-davidson to participate with 51 percent, because even then did money worries printed. Buell became the sporty sloping sign of harley-davidson and the resistant designer built several models with unorthodox detailing solutions to make them easier and faster. In 2003 harley-davidson bought the buell motorcycle company entirely. But when 2008 broke out the world economic crisis, harley-davidson lost a lot of money and had to save. On the 30th. October 2009 you therefore closed the super night the buell motorcycle company.

Always a camphor

Erik buell was first shocked completely, but he had always been a camphor and soon looked for new courses. Harley-davidson did not want to protrude the name rights at the buell motorcycle company, so he called the 2010 newly rounded company ewc (erik buell racing) motorcycles, whose company headquarters in east troy / wisconsin remained.

At the end of 2012, hero, the largest indian motorcycle manufacturer, participated, with 49.2 percent shares in his company. But obviously erik had learned nothing from the past and continued to race, among others the expensive superbike world championship. Instead of focusing on the serial motorcycle ewc developed by him and ebr 1190 sx and to invest the generated money into production and development, he burned further rough sums in racing.

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