Nemzov: “russia becomes fascist”

Interview shortly before his death: "even in my wildest dreams i was not going to try to organize a maidan in moscow"

Recently, when the so-called anti-maidan movement in moscow was in the run-up to the elections to be held for the 1. When the opposition demonstrated at what was supposed to be a protest rally in march and brought tens of thousands of supporters onto the streets, probably tolerated by the government, it was not just a rejection of the government in kiev and a strengthening of russian president putin. One of the leaders, nikolai starikov, a stalin worshipper and founder of the backward-looking nationalist party "rough fatherland", also warned russian opposition members not to attempt coup.

Nemtsov:'russland wird faschistisch'

Anti-maidan demonstration in moscow on 21. February 2015. Image: vk.Com

Given the violent mood of the right-wing and nationalists, who are currently on the rise in russia, it is quite conceivable that the assassination attempt on the opposition politician nemtsov was planned and carried out in these circles. Apparently, the russian security forces ame (nemtsov murder – is there a right-wing radical track?). The putin opposition is weak and fragmented anyway. The times when it brought hundreds of thousands of people to the streets are long gone.

The ukraine conflict and the new cold war between the u.S. And russia has brought people even more behind putin and has also been allowed to drive the russian government to pursue an offensive, nationalistic policy in order not to buckle as a rough power. According to a poll conducted by the levada institute last friday, only 15 percent of respondents expressed sympathy for opposition politicians such as nemtsov, kaspari or navalny. 68 percent do not sympathize with them. This may have changed somewhat after the assassination, but it shows that the opposition has little support and may be further intimidated by the attack. One reason is certainly also that there are only a few independent media in russia and all major television stations report loyal to the state.

Nemtsov is said to have received death threats even before his assassination. The former head of the lithuanian government, andrius kubilius, reported that nemtsov asked him in 2012 whether he was granted asylum in lithuania. Newsweek yesterday published an interview with the opposition politician that first appeared in the polish edition of newsweek, which he allegedly gave hours before his death. It is explained that paramilitary-dressed pro-putin types had declared they would drown any protest against the government in blood: "they started with nemzov", according to newsweek, though without offering more than speculation on the matter.

In the interview, nemtsov said that russia was going down the hill economically because of putin. The government had turned into a "costly fratricidal war in ukraine and into a hopeless confrontation with the west" begeben. One could not remain indifferent, all were the consequences of this "crazy politics" traces. The planned demonstration on sunday, which then turned into a funeral march for him, was about "against a collective suicide of russia". The protest does not come from the opposition, "it is supported by all russians".

He probably did not believe that himself. When asked about the fact that, according to polls, more than 80 percent of russians back putin, who is more popular than ever, nemtsov said that they backed putin because he was successful in brainwashing them "brainwashing" had been. He has implanted in them a virus of inferiority to the west, and the russians have become "programmed to hate strangers". In this way, nemzov paints a picture that is often used by propagandists who want to explain why a population does not behave as they think it should. The amption is that you can change people’s attitudes through targeted information, the pipe dream of all advertising and propaganda.

According to nemzov, the state tv channels act according to the method of joseph goebbels and aim only at emotions: "the coarser the lug, the better. Lugen should be repeated many times. This propaganda is aimed at ordinary people, there is no room for questions and nuances. Unfortunately, this works."

However, he also said that putin had so much backing because people were better off (it should be added that the economic liberal nemtsov was vice-governor under yeltsin and putin became popular and powerful as a result of the devastating consequences of the yeltsin reforms for many russians). But russians are not stupid, nemtsov said, they will revolt when wages and pensions are no longer sufficient.

It is urgent to quickly get out of this "hysteria" hysteria, because russia is turning into a "fascist state" . The elections are a "pathetic parody", the politics of auben "chauvinistic and aggressive". The kremlin uses "minorities, language and culture to blow up neighboring countries from within".

The propaganda is already fascist, there is also already the "core of fighting brigades like the sa: how else should one call this anti-maidan thing?? … Tens of thousands of soldiers, scoundrels and all kinds of suspicious individuals were brought to moscow. They tried to smuggle in. With pictures of putin they swore that they will fight and even kill any rebel. Like in hitler’s germany. And this is only the beginning."

Russian fascism is "hybrid" like the war in ukraine, which makes it very resistant. Putin cynically mixes some components of the past with others.

He is just one of many opposition leaders who are calling for a "a great change and a rebirth of russia, a restoration of democracy" a restoration of democracy and a removal of these crazy men "crazy men" from power. With protests, one would first rely on the already from the necessary change "", that serves for self-arance. He does not believe in a maidan in russia, but it would be a great success to have a few people in the moscow city council. His assassination could strengthen the resistance or make it collapse even more, especially since it is hard to imagine how the various opposition groups from left to extreme right love each other. Nemtsov himself apparently did not harbor exaggerated hopes:

We are realists. It is true that the government branded us as enemies a long time ago. Therefore, for many russians we are enemies, traitors. Even in my wildest dreams i would not try to organize a maidan in moscow. Putin is not yanukovych … He has a powerful security apparatus, and now he has these fanatical militants. Any coarser protest can be easily ertrankt in the blood. Nevertheless we will try.

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