Netdg reform: research on structures of hetze music

NetDG reform: Research on Structures of Hetze Music

Facebook, youtube, tiktok, twitter co. Due to new transparency specifications, information must now also provide information against researchers to what extent the dissemination of unlawful content "for specific concerned certain user circles leads". The service providers should explain in public reports, whether they are the science information about "organized structures or coordinated behaviors" have given by hetzern.

Update for the netzdg

These rules are part of a coarse reform of the network translation law (netzdg), which comes to coarse parts today to monday. The bundestag had decided the amendment at the beginning of may, on the 9th. June she had been published in the federal law gazette, so that the rules reach now.

With the new guidelines researchers according to the legislator a further "anonymized evaluation" potential targeted hate campaigns can make. "Ruckets is known that punishable hate speech is often directed against certain groups", it is called for the lawbound. In particular, women and minorities are "in a special way" affected. With the advanced indications in the semi-annual transparency reports of the gross platforms, scientists "carry out systematic analyzes" and deeper findings about the gefuge of "hate criminal" to win.

Researchers can now be now for work of public interest from operators "qualified information" demand about about "the use and the concrete mode of action of methods for automated detection of content to be removed or locked". It is about purposes, criteria, parameters and the types of the upload filters used. Also provide information about the degree of dissemination of unlawful or reported.

Make information easier to do

The prerequisite is that the scientists submit a concept to protecting the requested information. Provider have loud "research clause" in addition, the right to reimbursement of the costs caused "in an appropriate high", where the highest limit is usually 5000 euros.

Users should also be simpler, a social network indications of illegal content. Hardly findable, long and complicated ways to report punishable contributions, they are not compatible with the netzdg, it is called by the federal ministry of justice. Now it was clearly clarified that message paths easily findable and had to be easy for everyone – directly from the content that should be reported to the social network as unlawful.

There is a new one "counter-conversion process". There should be a different collection between a user and the provider of a social network, whether reported content has to be deleted or not. The operators are thus obliged to check their decisions for removing or maintaining contributing to a member for a member – even because of their business conditions – and the result against the person concerned "to be ground in each individual case".

No bloating position of the complaint

With this "put back mechanism" should facebook co. To ensure, "that a disclosure of the identity of the complainant and the user does not take place in the procedure". Name and address were not allowed either "approximately accidentally with the application" be forwarded to the user, "for which the content is stored". The providers do not necessarily have to teach the opposite side of the receipt of such an explanation, provided that they do not want to handle this – for example with abuse of the procedure -. This should "spam" protection. The legal road to the courts remains "in each situation of the procedure".

Users can also be relevant to the already designated "delivery agent" the operator also wresting "recovery lawsuits" send. Furthermore, private conciliation bodies are provided in disputes in order to enclose this faster and for all those involved in a cost-effective. Anyone who becomes aim of insults or threats can now also enforce information claim against social media operators easier. The two-stage methods so far is disclosed to a decision: the court, which decides on the admission of the publication of user data, can also arrange the latter at the same time.

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