New attempt of a commercial hackintosh

Again a hardware provider tries to sell specific to macos compatible pcs that are not from apple. The company called opencore computer is still unknown so far – your name and appearance of your logo is based on an open source project like name, which has developed a well-known bootloader for hackintosh machines.

Powerful components

According to opencore computers, the computers presented this week called velociraptor both macos catalina and windows 10 per exports. Macos should even "professional (before) installed" be and with it "all functions like hand-off and continuity", which always represent a problem in hackintosh machines work.

The velociraptor comes according to the manufacturer with ryzen cpus (from 8 cores), at least 16 gb of ram and graphics cards from the radeon pulse rx 580 with 8 gb. A 250 gb nvme-ssd "fur macos" is installed in the standard model, the $ 2200 costs. Maximum equipment is a 16-core cpu, 64 gb of ram and a vega-vii gpu. Opencore computer wants to reconcile the series computers of the series "t-rex" and "megalodon" present animals that can also be equipped with a thread ripper.

An old game repeats itself

Who liked now, should be aware that opencore computers violated apple’s macos license. Due to the "confused eula" the company can therefore only receive bitcoin because you are afraid to lose the payment provider. In fact, apple had a clone manufacturer in the ground and floor at the beginning of the last decade.

Against opencore computer also speaks that the makers of the bootloader opencore even advise against the purchase. You work non-commercial and keep it for "shocking and disgusting", that here apparently dishonest people used the logo and the name of the project. You have nothing to do with it and warn to contact the company.

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