Nvidia geforce rtx 3000: alternate warns against poorly expective availability

The already poor delivery situation of nvidia’s graphics cards of the series geforce rtx 3000 alias ampere is supposed to continue in the coming weeks. This divided the european handler alternate over his dutch website. Other shops were also affected.

According to alternate, the models geforce rtx 3080 and geforce rtx 3060 ti are concerned – both nvidias’s own founders editions as well as manufacturer cards of other companies. "The chance to get a geforce rtx 3080 is virtually equal to zero", it is called. Bad, it also looks like the rtx and gtx graphics cards from the previous 2000- or 1600 series. In the case of the geforce rtx 3090 and geforce rtx 3070, there should be few open orders, but prices are also increased here.

Lull in the price comparison

A look at the price comparison shows that german handlers are currently most likely to supply manufacturer cards of the geforce rtx 3070. The prices exceed nvidia’s recommended retail price of 520 euros, however, clearly: the most favorable model currently costs 750 euros, others can quickly meet the 1000 euro brand.

The geforce rtx 3090 was still available last week from 1700 euros for several handlers, but now costs at least 2000 euros. An immediate delivery copy changes the owner for 2200 euros. The geforce rtx 3080 and geforce rtx 3060 ti have the most shops away due to the low delivery quantities from price comparisers. Listings of the geforce rtx 3060 ti directly at handlers are exempted from 600 to 900 euros (rrp: 420 euros).

Further price increase

According to alternate, both nvidia’s ampic graphics chips as well as supplied components are scarce. For example, this may affect power management ics (pmics) or gddr6 (x) memory. Both the purchase prices and the transport costs are already "increased strongly". In the future, the prices should go up further, warns the handler.

On 12. In addition, china also celebrates the new year, where factories are traditionally for at least a week. Normally, the productions are attracted in advance to build sufficient inventory in advance – in the case of graphics cards this year is hardly possible.

Amds radeon graphics cards are also affected. A model from the current radeon rx 6000 series costs at least 870 euros and the process series are hard to have.

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