Olympus gives camera shaft of financial investors

Olympus gives camera shaft of financial investors

The japanese olympus group wants to separate from his traditional camera business after smartphones have surrendered the industry. The division should be supposed by the financial investor japan industrial partners, as companies announced on wednesday.

Kunftig only medical technology

The camera’s camera of olympus was steadily shrunk and finally brought only a good five percent of the economy. Olympus now focuses almost exclusively on medical equipment. The decision to give up camera technology has been made after the area also recorded three business years in succession after harsh refurbishment measures.

Olympus pointed out that the improvement of smartphones to shrink the camera market rapidly. Especially top models, for example, from apple, samsung, huawei or google now offer more and better image quality thanks to the combination of multiple lenses and editing by software.

The deal should be completed at the end of september. Japan industrial partners had already bought the notebook business and continued sony a few years ago.

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