Report: the tata nano sells bad

The tata nano still does not quite ride, like the indian economic administration business standard reported. Although the manufacturer has tried to boost the sale of the microscanet with various measures for marketing, financing and sales, the sales figures were rather worse than better. In july, the newspaper reports, they have dropped sales in india to 3260 units, after about 9000 copies in july 2010. In the last two months, the sales figures had been practically halved compared to the previous year. Already at the end of 2010 had been reported that the sales were collapsed.

The sale of nano remains far behind the 12.000 to 15.000 copies back that tata had planned originally, handlers remain on new cars. Although the car sales overall in india, but even the ford figo – more than twice as expensive as nano – sells better. And the distribution network of tata is loud business standard three times as coarse as that of ford. Tata has around 620 handlers and attempts to achieve the hinterland with roadshows – there is the long-awaited increase in sales success.

In addition, tata wants to launch new variants, including a diesel model. A price difference of a good 50 percent of fuel will be in india many builders according to a diesel model, although the vehicles are around 25 percent more expensive. With one of the smallest diesel engines in the world, nano should become the most economical passenger car. In addition, tata wants further market, such as sri lanka and nepal. In indonesia and brazil, the company speaks with possible manufacturers to produce the nano there on site. Tata chief ratan tata can also imagine bringing an electrical version on the market and remaining features of the pixel presented in geneva.

Tata ceo carl-peter forster is loud business standard further optimistic: "we have satisfied customers, which means that on the product itself nothing is wrong. The positive mouthpropaganda will expand and bring our sales back up". At the latest when the rural regions are opened, it will show whether the nano can prevail. If even the people prefer greater and more expensive small cars of other manufacturers, it was noticeable for the nano. Although smart years have been toted for, for example, it is quite good today. But the nano is an explanatory mob of a cheap car and is still rarely bought – even in india, potential customers are currently expected to expect more from a car than an absolute minimum danger.

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