Seat altea xl 1.2 tsi ecomotive: new engine in the van

Seat altea xl 1.2 tsi ecomotive: new engine in the van

Barcelona (spain), 22. July 2010 – for many people, a practical car will sooner or later be the order of the day. Whether space is needed for the family or one learns to appreciate the convenience of getting in and out of the car, a van offers numerous advantages. The xl version of the seat altea, which is 20 centimeters longer, is naturally aimed primarily at those who have a lot to transport. We were able to get first impressions with the van in connection with the 1.2 tsi ecomotive: new engine in the van, with 105 hp for sufficient propulsion.

Plenty of space

In keeping with seat’s sporty aspirations, the 4.47-meter-long altea xl comes in a sleek suit. While there is an acute risk of confusion with the leon and the normal altea at the front, the horizontal rear lights set accents. However, the nimble lines take their toll: plenty of light floods into the front, thanks in part to an additional, small side window, but visibility to the rear is restricted by the sloping roofline and bulky c pillar. Comfortable seats and a generous interior width offer plenty of comfort on all seats. The center console, which does not extend all the way down, houses the radio and air-conditioning switches within easy reach of the driver. The plain plastic surfaces make clear where seat had to economize.

Variable interior

The back seat of the altea xl shows why spanish cab drivers like it. The rear seats can be moved by up to 16 centimeters. Depending on requirements, this allows for a huge amount of space for passengers or a gigantic luggage compartment of up to 732 liters, which puts the seat ahead of even the vw touran. The backrests can be easily folded down to create a flat load floor with a maximum capacity of 1604 liters. Because the altea xl is not available as a seven-seater, there is a variable luggage compartment floor in every model. The spaniard also collects plus points with its high opening tailgate.

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