Small business

Small business

Hannover, 28. November 2014 – vw commercial vehicles now translates into practice, which they already proposed at the iaa 2013 in the form of a study: the e-up as a small delivery truck. Wunward value for city dwellers (and their chauffeurs) were electric delivery vehicles allest. But they still raise the question of who can actually afford such a pleasure of general public. Apparently enough interest, however, have explored polls under potential purchasers, according to volkswagen – despite the price. In view of the pair of small modifications to the e-up already in production for passenger transport, however, volkswagen does not use a namesertwes financial risk.

The e-load up registered as a commercial vehicle is based on the four-star electro-up and differs only in a few elements. Behind the two front seats is a tightly installed dividing grid with a loading space behind it. The flat floor is erupted with taste roses and can accommodate up to 285 kilograms of payload with a maximum volume of 990 liters. From auben the small load bearer can only be recognized by the rear-darkened slices.

Another is a mercedes sprinter gunstiger

The drive is an 82 hp electric motor with a maximum torque of 210 nm, which speeds the car in 12.4 seconds to tempo 100. Railed in the sense of a transverse energy consumption, the e-load up is 130 km / h. The underfloor built-in lithium-ion batteries can be loaded with equal and alternating current, your capacity of 18.7 kilowatt hours should range from the data sheet for up to 160 electrical kilometers.

The small electricity transporter can be ordered immediately and costs in its base version 23.046 euros (without vat). Whether the traditional courier service and service technician does not rather save about 2000 euros and buys a mercedes sprinter? And also pizzabotes and social service providers, which then need far less cargo space, will probably be more on the van-up with 60 hp gasoline engine (from 9223 euros) or, if at all with an alternative drive source, then with 68-horsepower natural gas drive ( from 11.723 euros) to access.

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