The controlled area code

The managed primary

Hillary clinton in march in phoenix. Image: gage skidmore.0

Tensions within the democratic party escalate in the face of evident manipulation by party leadership. The left underdog sanders could still become the presidential candidate

The world as will and imagination: since the democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton together with the leadership of the democratic party would like nothing more than to finally get rid of her left-wing challenger bernie sanders, the democratic establishment simply decided to declare the primaries already over – although the primary in the most populous state of the usa, california, is still to come.

That’s why clinton simply withdrew her commitment to another public debate with bernie sanders in california at the end of may. Sanders called the breach of that deal, which the democratic presidential candidates agreed to in early 2016, an "insult" of the voters in california. Hillary clinton is breaking her promises before she has even been elected to the highest office in the united states.

Clinton’s backtracking is based on a simple power tactical calculation. Hillary clinton (as of the end of may) is only about 100 delegates short of the majority needed to win the nomination, so she can hardly be stopped at the ballot box by sanders. That’s why the party establishment prefers not to offer the left-wing challenger another mass-media forum and simply pretend that hillary’s presidential campaign against the right-wing populist trump is already in full swing. The intention is to focus attention fully on "on the danger of donald trump becoming president" a clinton campaign spokeswoman told cnn.

But this tactical decision by the former auben secretary and first lady was hardly likely to help defuse the serious fault lines within the democratic party that emerged during the primaries. In the meantime, there is a veritable state of war between the emerging democratic left around sanders and the neoliberal party establishment, which was largely formed by the clintons in the 1990s. Century.

At the center of the criticism is currently clinton supporter debbie wasserman-schultz, the current chair of the democratic national committee (dnc), the highest party body of the democrats. After wasserman-schultz delivered strong criticism of bernie sanders’ supporters, there is debate within the party about her replacement, cnn reported. The dnc chairwoman is "too toxic" to continue at her post in the raging "civil war" in the raging civil war within the democratic party, insiders told the network. Meanwhile, sanders is backing a left-wing intraparty challenger to wassermann-schulz, who has consistently favored the clinton camp with controversial decisions – such as revoking access to key election data for sanders.

Trickery and fraud at the party convention in nevada

The most recent tensions were sparked by the scandalous manipulations of the party leadership at the democratic convention in nevada, which took on the appearance of an outright party coup, as is really only the case in banana republics. Images of security forces threatening to violently clear the convention hall, reminiscent of authoritarian regimes, spread rapidly on the internet.

Shortly before the convention to vote on additional delegates for the democratic presidential nomination, 56 sanders supporters were expelled for allegedly filling out their paperwork incorrectly. This gave the clinton caucus a razor-thin majority of 33 delegates at the convention, so that the convention again made a decision favorable to clinton. Nevada will now send 20 clinton supporters to the democratic convention in july, while sanders was only able to secure 15 delegates.

At the party congress, the party leadership calmly discussed new "temporary rules" vote, even though not all delegates were present yet, in order to obtain rough powers of attorney. In the votes on the validity of this procedure, conducted by acclamation, the result was simply ignored by the party superiors. The lights were turned out to drive the sanders faction out of the party room voting results were sometimes disregarded. The microphone was cut off when sanders supporters wanted to speak out. Demands for re-payment of disputed votes have been shot down. After the party leadership decided to end the party conference abruptly after 16 hours – again without holding a proper vote on it – police forces marched in to clear the hall.

The guided preselection

Bernie sanders in phoenix in march. Image: gage skidmore.0

After this, an absurd campaign began in the u.S. Mass media, accusing the sanders faction of outbreaks of violence at the party convention, while the manipulations of the party leadership were simply ignored. So far, only one (prominent) clinton supporter had to be arrested because of a violent attack on sanders activists.

This brutal and simply undemocratic sweep of the clinton camp in nevada, culminating in the apparent fraud, has further deepened the rifts in the democratic party. He knows many supporters of the "democratic socialists" sanders, who after the events in nevada could no longer imagine ever voting for clinton, explained democrat and book author gayle brandeis in an article for the liberal news portal salon. The internet presence of the news magazine the atlantic already openly asked whether the democratic primaries were not "manipulated" are. The appendage of sanders was "increasingly convinced that the primaries were not a fair fight" offered, which is "bad news" for the democrats:

What happened in nevada marks the most intense escalation of anger and frustration during the democratic primaries. But it could also just be a signal of what’s to come at the national party convention this summer.

The atlantic

In fact, the incidents at the nevada convention are just the tip of the iceberg. Accusations of manipulation against the establishment, summarized by the news portal salon, range from classic one-sided media coverage to the establishment of undemocratic rules during voting to serious accusations of election manipulation and election interference. Especially in the nevada primaries that preceded the party convention, there were "massive election irregularities", that gave clinton her election victory. The primaries were sometimes organized in casinos, with the owners of the establishments determining which employees were allowed to vote at all. Moreover, these electors, in an act of "of obvious smoke-in", cast their votes openly. The democratic party establishment thus loves the nevada primaries organized in part by the gambling mafia to get the desired result.

Manipulations up to election fraud?

Nevada is by no means an isolated case. In arizona, for example, the number of polling places in precincts where sanders did well was greatly reduced. Longtime democrats suddenly found themselves to be "independent" registered, so they could no longer participate in the primary election. Similar "irregularities" were also widespread in the scandal-plagued new york primary (us primaries: closed society). Clinton was thus able to score her rough victories in scandal-ridden ballots and in "closed ballot" in which only registered democrats could vote.

Meanwhile, accusations of outright election fraud are mounting. The voting machines that were sometimes used in the primaries were manipulated, according to the allegations. This was clearly proven in chicago, where the results of the voting machines and those of a manual recount differed greatly in favor of hillary clinton. Election officials simply ignored the discrepancies in the random post-payment.

The huffington post asked why the public simply amed that the voting machines used in new york, for instance, were "honest". The investigation into massive irregularities in new york comes close to a cover-up, he said, because it is being led by a clinton supporter. In addition, the liberal news portal addressed the wide discrepancies between the election day poll results and the later arriving election results. These are very reliable in all democratic states because they are collected on election day and are usually within the statistical margin of error. According to the election day poll, clinton had won by only four percent in new york, while that lead grew rapidly to 16 percent:

This 10 to 11 percent discrepancy between the election day poll and the final result is well within the margin of error. A mathematical analysis of this deviation shows that the probability is 1:123000. This is almost impossible. So we are dealing with a case where the election day poll is incredibly far off the result, or we are dealing with election fraud.

Huffington post

In congress, several deputies organized a hearing at the end of april to address the increasing tendencies to exclude and incarcerate voters, as well as to manipulate election results. Widespread are the "polling stations, the cleaning of electoral rolls, the breakdown of voting machines and extreme queues on election day" on election day, the news portal truth out summarized the results of the hearing, which found a "dysfunctional and undemocratic electoral process in the" in the u.S.

These growing attempts at election manipulation can be traced to the crisis-induced rise in resentment among the rapidly eroding middle class in the united states, which is responding to its pauperization by intensifying its search for political alternatives. The usual instruments of a controlled democracy are thus no longer sufficient to produce the results desired by the party establishment. Therefore, tendencies toward evident manipulation of the electoral process are gaining weight.

Thus, similar processes are taking place on both sides of the u.S. Political spectrum: the victory of a political psychopath like donald trump, who prevailed against the republican party leadership, marks the crisis mania tending toward right-wing extremism, as it is also spreading in germany in the form of the afd. Sanders, on the other hand, misses the attempt to confront the crisis with an emancipatory awakening, in which a far-reaching transformation of the late capitalist system was initiated. That’s why he’s being fought far more fiercely by the democrats in power than trump is by republican party higher-ups.

And yet sanders was still able to get the democratic party’s nomination. Clinton’s email affair could catch up with her before the democratic party convention. The auben ministry recently sharply criticized her behavior in a report. It concerns allegations that clinton redirected highly classified material to her private mail server. If the fbi were to file charges against the former secretary of state, her presidential campaign would have been a de facto failure. This also revealed strong tensions within the functional elites of the united states. The current auben department’s (i.E., the obama administration’s) harsh criticism of clinton’s conduct provided the fbi with "backing" for an impeachment, noted the boston herald. The threat of fbi indictment may be one important reason sanders remains in the race.

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